Google Acquired FitBit To Enter In Wearable Market

Google is looking to make its place in wearable device and trying to make position in market of fitness tracker and Smart watches. Today they purchased a wearable company for earning some fruit of investment. Report says Google parent company Alphabet is now in focus of purchasing wearable Company and that’s true and today its done. We can also reveal the Company name “FitBit”.  In a blog post Google finally revealed that it made an agreement with fitbit at the rate of $2.1 billion.

Google Acquired FitBit To Enter In Wearable Market

Google involved in wearable devices but we are not sure whether they will gain something or not. Let’s get into dig and understand the whole matter properly and see what Google is looking for and what Company FitBit is reacting. Read out the blog till last.

Did you know about Company FitBit? 

We guess most of the users are still unaware of the Company that soon going to be under the power of tech giant Google. The company FitBit is well known to sell smart advanced watches. FitBit watches enable users to track the biometric of wearable. Even users can monitor their heart-rate and sleep quality too. With the help of fitbit you can also monitor daily steps, calories burned and distance travelled by you.

You will love to purchase the watches of this company as tools you can check here like clock, calendar and many more. Do you think that such kind of Company going to stay with Google permanently? We can’t reveal the future but we are sure that if Google purchases the Company then they will definitely reach to cloud9. Fitbit CEO, James Park believes that Google is an ideal partner to drive its mission. He also said that “with Google’s resources and global platform, Fitbit will be able to accelerate innovation in the wearables category.” 

Google already involved in wearable sector

Ask from the Google users who always keep themselves alert when they get to know about anything regarding Google. They can also explain you about their position in wearable sector. Tech-giant Google offer its ‘Wear OS’ operating system which is especially designed for smart devices, give their services to companies like LG, Fossil and other brands. If we talk about Apple then we already know that Company runs Apple smart watches business and gain a good amount of profit. Now one of the companies called Xiaomi and Huawei are playing in a strong position especially in the country china where advanced watch business is quite a common one. 

Now Google is looking to strong its position in wearable devices. In a blog post Google said that, “its users’ health and wellness data would not be used for Google ads. Also it said that it would give Fitbit users the choice to review, move or delete their data.

Google offers more surprises for you, have a look

Most of the people compare Google’s strategy with Apple because they both launched smartphones and introduced updates and even now like Apple, Google is looking to offer a smart watch. Rumor spread few years back if you remember that Google was looking to offer Google-branded pixel smart watches in 2016. Unfortunately, Google canceled the plan and reason is still in suspense.

Now tech-giant purchased FitBit then we can expect that Google can offer smart watches what Apple did if you attend the event of the iPhone11 series. In short- the tech giant wants to expand its ecosystem just like Apple did so we just want Google to jump toward the success platform and get what they want.


Entering toward the wearable market is a good decision of tech-giant. There are many such reasons because we don’t think so any negative point Google can face while in the wearable market. Yeah, one point there is and its competition that they need to face with Apple and other high-advanced companies like Huawei. Right now we can’t reveal that is it going to reach miles success or not but this is sure that fitbit is going to become smarter with the help of Google’s software and developers support.  

We will be back later if any new information Google or FitBit reveals regarding their deal. Till then get in touch with us for more updates. Keep reading, keep sharing.