Spotify launched the music App for kids!

Now this time we will talk here about the music app for kids. From long time we talked about the update of Google and Apple because these are always remaining in talk. In every single blog you can read about that. As we all know Spotify is a digital music, podcast and video streaming service like Wynk and Gaana. You can listen the songs from all over world at no cost, If you want to avail more facility then you need to pay . After knowing the Spotify, now this is the time to get introduced by its newly launched app which is especially designed for kids with the name of ‘Spotify Kids’. Yes, the application is only for kids for the age of 3 and above. Let’s go ahead and try to know more about this app.

Now your kids can enjoy the music along with other activity

Too many music tracks you have which never make you feel bored any time. Now the Company decided to do something for the kids and finally, they presented the application especially designed for kids. Those parents can avail this facility, who is Spotify Premium Customers. You can make maximum six accounts under this subscription which will cost you $14.99 for US and for Ireland you have to pay $14.99.

Kids can enjoy songs and stories too with the help of Spotify kids. The beauty of this app is that it is ad free and it doesn’t have any adult content. You can say that Spotify is giving your children a safe space to listen music and explore some interesting things.

App will show content according to child group. Suppose you set the age 3 inside the account then it will show you some cartoon character including Disney and Nickelodeons. And if your child is in older group then it will show you more realistic and detailed content. In place of cartoon character your older group child can see realistic content and also can listen some handpicked singer’s song. In this app parents are allowed to control the content.

What Company reveal about this new application?

Here a good decision by Spotify Company because most of the users first read out what Company said. Let me share what it is, “Spotify Kids is a composite of a playlist, which makes it easy for the kids to find music and stories from their favorite movies and TV shows or hit plays on a playlist to sing along to during their favorite activity-or their least favorite chore. Having a standalone app specifically for younger kids is a new space for Spotify, and we understand the sensitivities around content for children.”

You feel surprised when you get to know that Spotify spent more than 2 years on developing this application for the Children. For this they consulted to Kids Content experts. We think it is important because what kind of content kids require that you must know before launching this application.

Company also said that “Spotify Premium Family master account holders can simply download Kids from the App Store or Google Play, and then sign in to their regular Spotify account. For those outside of Ireland, Kids will be rolling out to all markets that currently have Premium Family”.

Wrapping up

Nowadays this is very difficult to stay away your child from mobile and TVs. Being a parent we are worried about the content which is shown on various channels.

After launching Spotify Kids at least there is an app which is ad free and no adult content will be shown. Parents can monitor and control their child’s activity easily. Spotify kids also ensure you that the location data will not be collected and any type of data will not be shared or sold with any third party for advertising purposes.

Parents have permission to delete the data from kid’s accounts. So after sharing all these we can say that without any doubt your kid can enjoy this app. The app is available on App store and as well as on Google play store to download. Report said that right now the application is available only in Beta and just for Ireland users. Recently family subscription plan has been rolled out in India and also expecting that very soon Spotify Kids will arrive in India.

Well, no such news has been shared by Spotify regarding future launch plan in other countries. We are expecting that this service should start working in different countries soon.

This is all about Spotify Kids app. For more updates get in touch with us till then download it for your kids and just be free from worry.