Touch Technology In Smartphones

The trend of market is changing time to time. This time people care for quality not for money. If they got better quality at high rate then its okay for them. Smartphone users are now focusing more on the display. Nowadays smartphone businesses are growing on the next level and bring a huge impact on every customer. The display is the first aspect for purchasing the mobile. Mobile phone makers are focusing more for presenting a unique display as they are looking to change the technology.

Yes, they want to change the technology and looking to present virtual buttons. This kind of agenda has been made by a startup in the USA which is called as Sentons. The startup has decided to introduce the technology which aims to do away with gadget buttons. Let me share the whole information and we have something special for you to explain and that is about new display technology. So read out the article till end.

A Startup Company announced a system sensor in mobile

The company handled by Jess Lee who is an engineer and also the person known for selling his company to Apple Inc. He said that the company has decided to introduce a sensor which uses ultrasonic sound waves. This type of technique is basically to detect touches, presses and even swipes on a different material like metal edges near to mobile. Jess Lee said, “Touch screens are great but phone makers hadn’t been able to figure out how to add interactivity to the sides. With the thinner and thinner from factors, perhaps even all-glass or with funky metallic edges that are really, really thin, there’s no space for buttons.”

Those who don’t have a good knowledge regarding mobile phones, this kind of technique sensor is new for you for sure. Ask from the mobile phone addicts as they will share about the mobile phone called Asus Rog II. Did you know about this mobile phone? If you don’t know then let me share that phone has sensors which allow every game player to hold smartphone horizontally. Here just tap on Air Triggers with its top edge as a virtual button with their index fingers at the time when thumbs tap on the screen of the smartphone. 

How the company Sentons can introduce us to the sensor? 

This is the big question as Sentons Company is looking to present a senor so how they are going to make it happen. Report said that custom chip is going to play a role like a magic that enables the company to send sound waves and also contains a processor and even algorithm just to understand various gestures. We must say this new startup is going to boom the market because apart from this sensor technique, they are focusing on the virtual jog wheel. It enables you to scroll via application for one-hand usage. Even they are ready to introduce with a technology known as a virtual shutter button that is just for focusing on a smartphone camera. 


We appreciate a company for showing outstanding efforts for the users and the best part is the company is just a startup and looks to offer an unbelievable feature. Those who already operate Asus Rog II, it might be old a feature but those who didn’t use this smartphone the feature is absolutely new for them. This can increase the demand for mobile phones more as such a feature just makes the mobile phone more popular in the town so a good job by Sentons.

Right now we have only this information and if the Company share anything related to this then we will keep you updated. Till then get in touch with us.