Apple Is Looking To Launch New Media Apps For Windows

Apple is one of the richest and innovative companies which always look to bring massive changes in its company. Every year company introduce something new such as new features in the apps, series of its iPhone, iPod, launch of new gadgets like ear pod, wrist watches, gaming apps etc. This time also Apple is planning to launch some new apps for Microsoft Window users. For this reason Apple Company has opened vacancy for a “Senior Software Engineer” –Window Media Apps who is able to ‘build the next generation of media apps for windows’.

So, let’s dig deeper into the matter below to know more about the motive of Apple Company behind the launch of apps for Microsoft Windows.

Is Apple really going to launch media apps for Windows?

Though there is no doubt that Apple already has a large network or users across the world yet it is planning to launch new media apps for Microsoft Windows. It is quite amazing that the Company like Apple is not just confined to its own arena but it is stepping into diverse field to make major changes in its app ecosystem for one of the most used PC and desktop software – Microsoft Windows.

To build these amazing apps for windows, Apple is also looking for a ‘Senior Software Engineer – Windows Media Apps’ who can help Apple company ‘build next generation of media apps for windows’. And this job posting is required for Santa Clara Valley (Cupertino), California, United States. With the help of this job posting we are guessing that soon Apple will launch media apps for windows.

In a job description it is clearly mentioned that, “The media app team is looking for a creative senior software engineer to work on the next generation of media apps for windows. You will help build innovative features that will delight millions of customers around the world”.

Apple earlier launched apps for windows- iTunes and iCloud

iTune was launched in 2003, it is an application for getting games, music apps, and playing music. It is also an online music store that lets customers quickly find, purchase and download the music they want. You can connect your iPhone to iTunes and transfer music or photos or anything to your device.

Whereas iCloud was launched on October 12, 2011. It is a cloud storage device, a place to store your data same as Google drive and Dropbox. It helps you store your raw data (Files) and also backups of your devices. It allows you to store all kinds of data you have on your device like contact, calendar, emails, etc.

Currently, Apple maintains these two existing Window apps, but these are traditional desktop apps that’s why earlier in this year Apple has broken iTunes in three separate MacOS apps: Podcasts, TV, and Music. However, none of these apps are arrived on Windows, so if you’re an Apple TV and Apple Music subscriber then you need to use web version rather using apps on Windows 10.

These two apps iTune and iCloud Apple launched to ease out the work of Microsoft Windows users. Both these services help users to store their data safe and secure on windows devices and computer.

Apple wants UWP candidate to ‘build next generation of media apps for windows’

I told you above that Apple posted a job for ‘Senior Software Engineer’. For this profile candidate having experience with UWP will be given first priority.

Do you know what UWP is? UWP stands for Universal Windows Platform. It is an API created by Microsoft and first introduced in Windows 10. The main motive of this UWP is to develop universal app (one app for all). UWP apps appear in Microsoft Store and can run on Xbox and even HoloLens devices.

The job listing of Apple states that having experience with UWP is a “big plus”. With UWP support, Apple could create apps that would work on Xbox One and various Windows 10 platforms.

If you don’t know then earlier Apple built TV+ using the UWP that allowed the service to access on the Xbox One, expanding Apple TV+ to platforms beyond smart TVs, Apple devices, and set-up boxes. That’s why now Company is also planning to build apps for Windows by using UWP.

Final words!

Windows are not Apple’s priority but this time it will definitely going to present an app for Window users. It would not be wrong to say that every year Apple gives its users a new surprise by launching new apps, introducing new features, and many new devices.

It clearly makes sense that Apple is about to target a wider users base outside of its core Mac base. Though Apple has not revealed or made any announcement about what exactly it is going to do regarding windows media app. You can just wait and watch.

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