Brave Officially Launch Its Version 1.0 Outfits Privacy Focused Web Browser.

Chrome, Browser, Firefox, Internet Explorer, DuckDuckGo, Safari, and many more are the web browsers that we use to search anything on Google. Although these browsers are very old yet some of them provide the best browsing experience. But as the technology is moving and shaping in this fast growing world, we are introduced to new browser. I don’t know whether you people are aware of this new browser or not. My purpose of writing this blog is to let you know about that the new version of browser has been launched. The browser I’m talking about here is “Brave browser 1.0 version”. Are you curious to know about this new version of Brave.

Let’s dig deeper into brave browser 1.0 version

Folks, Brave is basically a software company which recently has launched its first stable version of the Brave Browser 1.0. Earlier, this browser was available in beta version but now it’s officially launched for users. So, as a part of launch, the Brave Browser 1.0 version is available on multiple platforms. Interested users can move on to the official site for download links for Android, iOS, Windows, macOS, and Linux.

Therefore, Brave Browser 1.0 is the first stable version which has come almost four years after the company launched its first version.

What is the key focus area of this Brave Browser?

The main motive behind the launch of this new version is to provide the full security to users while using this browser. That’s why the highlight of version is likely to its user “privacy-focused” stance with amazing features.

This 1.0 version promises to prioritize security by blocking third-party ads, trackers, and autoplay videos automatically. So, you no need to worry about privacy policy of this version as you need to go into your setting to ensure greater privacy, but you can adjust setting if you want to.

You will be happy to know that Brave Browser concern so much about providing privacy to its users. For this reason it actually offers two private modes:

First is Private Window. It is almost like any other browser’s private or incognito mode. No data of yours will be saved to your device, but it can be seen by the websites you visit, your network administrator, or ISP.

Second is Private Window with Tor. This mode is also known as The Onion Router, this browser hides your information by encrypting it and passing it though three relays and bring that level of security to your browser.

Some of the key features and highlights of Brave Browser

– Ad-blocking feature & Privacy-friendly Ad Platform

I have already told you guys that brave focuses more on privacy and security of users, so it protects your privacy by blocking advertisements, trackers, and also try to introduce a way display privacy-respecting advertisement. And you can also see advertisements that can’t track you or gather any information this can only happen if you opt-in.

– Chromium-based Open source Browser

Brave Browser is chromium based browser as well as open source. If you don’t like this feature of chromium based browser then you can also check out the list of non-Google browser. However, you can follow the development of Brave Browser on GitHub.

– Rewarding Users & Publishers

In this feature, Brave provides you blockchain-based advertisement model so when you opt-in for the privacy-friendly advertisements, you will earn BAT token (Basic Attention Token) which can finally then spend to reward the publishers you love to read (like us). In this way you can support the publishers.

– A Brave Shield feature for automatic ad and tracker blocking

This feature helps you to block invasive third-party ads, trackers, and auto-play videos without requiring any third-party programs. Here you no need to install any additional programs. You can confidently browse the web knowing that your interest and reading habits are safe and not being tracked. Brave shield removes the friction of unwanted contents.

The bottom line!  

In this final note, I just want to say that Brave Browser version 1.0 comes with a modern take on a streamlined user interface that you will find comfortable when switching from Chrome or other browser, to Brave Browser. Brave is a fast privacy-oriented browser and reinvesting the web for users, publishers, and advertisers. This browser is available in 52 languages. So you can enjoy the experience of Brave browser after installing it on your phones. 

This is all about Brave 1.0; we will be back with another interesting article. Till then get in touch with us for more updates.