Apple Started Working On Its Next-Generation iPhone

Recently Apple launched its new series phone and that is iPhone 11 on 20th Sep 2019. Apart from this, Apple is in talk for introducing its new series iPhone 12. The detail of iPhone 12 has been leaked. Apple users are happy to know about the feature. In this article I am going to revealed about the display of iPhone 12. Many more details have been leaked but we will discuss here its display in deep.

Nowadays an exciting part of teenager’s life is when a company introduced a new smartphone in the market. They all wait for long when their favorite smartphone company presents a smartphone with high-advanced with a good design that is something new for you. One more amazing fact is that teenagers love to know new features about smartphones before launch.

The information is about iPhone12 series screen display

Many of you are Apple devices enthusiasts? This is big news for you because recently Company offers you an iPhone11 series name “iPhone11, iPhone11Pro and iPhone11Pro max”. Even they introduce Apple smart watch with this in September 2019. Now we need to keep some patience for iPhone12 as they promised to offer you. Bit wait? We have written this blog to inform you something about iPhone12 that some details have been leaked so let me share with you all.

iPhone12 still need to launch but guess what we have some piece of information regarding this smartphone that details about screen have been shared. Report said that if you compare the iPhone11 mobile screen with the upcoming iPhone12 screen then guess what iPhone12 shows a much better display panel. We read out about the leak information and we get to know this new upcoming mobile phone of Apple use 120Hz screen technology. It might be shocking for most of the Apple lovers because this is for the first time that Company offers such screen technology on their iPhone12 mobile phone. And yes, all three upcoming smartphones of iPhone12 will have 120Hz screen technology. 

How 120Hz screen technology better? 

As I told you above that iPhone12 will offer you 120Hz screen technology. This is the first time when Apple lover will watch out but if you have operated smartphone ROGII phone then the technology is not new for you. The Company “Asus” offered its users first in this smartphone and also Razer Phone 2 uses the technology of 120Hz screen.

Earlier we raised one question in mind that why only this technology is going to operate in iPhone12? We researched and get to know that this 120Hz screen tech ready to offer users better multimedia experience even you can include the best gaming experience. Most of the teenager purchase smartphone just to play games more amazingly so no need to doubt that iPhone12 will be there best choice for sure. Even sources said that there is no use of the LED screen as they are looking to use OLED panel.

This year OnePlus seven is always in the main heading if anyone talks about the smartphone market. If you have already purchase OnePlus 7Pro then you already know that it offers you 90Hz screen tech for you. Right now if you are looking to use this 90Hz screen tech then go and purchase OnePlus 7Pro, OnePlus 7T and OnePlus 7T pro only. After knowing about this current popular screen tech, Google also focused on this and introduced users with Google Pixel4 series which shows you 90Hz screen tech. 


Recently Apple is offering 60 Hz screen tech in iPhone11 series. So, do you think that next year Apple will definitely brought 120Hz screen tech in iPhone12 series? Ask this question from every Apple lover because they believe in the Company and we also believe that Apple should focus more on this so that the Company looks more forward in comparison with OnePlus or Google.

Apple is ready to face the tough competition but not this year. They said that they are looking to introduce you with iPhone12 next year in the month of September.

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