15 Indian Apps Removed From The App Store!

New members is in the application market as here we are mentioning the applications that are corrupt. Corrupt apps are here and there and the worst part is it is hard for the users to find which apps are good or which one is not. Companies like Apple are best because they can handle this kind of job of finding the worst apps which is full of mixtures of malware or spy. Recent news we gonna tell you that Apple did a fine job once again with the help of a mobile security firm called Wandera. With the help of this firm, 15 Indian apps have been recognized as malicious and removed by Apple app store.  Ahead in this article we will try to reveal how Wandera found this and what Apple did? Read the blog till last to know in deep.

15 Indian apps have been removed from app store, why?

The firm Wandera is a public company which develops mobile security solution to protect corporate devices and data within it. It is powered by threat intelligence engine MI to find new threat and vulnerable issues in app before they exploit devices.

The firm Wandera found th17 Indian mobile applications are infected by clicker trojan malware and designed for ad fraud.  After confirmation Apple removed it from its app store without delay. In these 17 apps, 15 applications were banned and two more apps are under investigation.

We don’t understand why every month we got such news of banning applications and all. Users trust the developer and they download the application but unfortunately, these days downloading apps become dangerous.

Who made these 17 applications? This is a big question

Before going further we want to tell the name of company who has developed such 17 applications. The company is “Gujarat-based AppAspect Technologies PVT LTD” behind developing these applications that are rogue. Here we want to appreciate the effort of Wandera who suspected these applications that were infected with clickware.

We have a statement of the firm regarding this matter as Wandera said that “The clicker Trojan module discovered in this group of applications is designed to carry out ad-fraud related tasks in the background, such as continuously opening web pages or clicking links without any user interaction. The objective of most clicker Trojans is to generate revenue for the attacker on a pay-per-click basis by inflating website traffic. They can also be used to drain the budget of a competitor by artificially inflating the balance owed to the ad network.” 

Name of those 15 applications which have been removed

This is important to know what those applications are. So In future you can understand what to download and what not. Always before install any app you must have to read review and check the rating. We all have faith on App Store more than Play Store, but the result is in front of you. Check the list mention below and if you have downloaded any one app kindly uninstall it soon.

  • RTO Vehicle information
  • EMI Calculator and Loan planner
  • File Manager Documents
  • Smart GPS Speedometer
  • CrickOne- Live cricket score 
  • Daily Fitness-Yoga poses
  • FM Radio- Internet Radio
  • My train Info- IRCTC and PNR
  • Around me Place Finder
  • Easy Contacts Backup Manager
  • Ramadan Times 2019
  • Restaurant Finder- Find Food
  • BMI Calculator- BMR Calc
  • Dual Accounts
  • Video Editor- Mute video
  • Islamic World- Qibla
  • Smart Video Compressor

Above mentioned apps are related to Travel, Food, Productivity, EMI Calculator, Fitness etc. Firm Wandera said that “The objective of most clicker trojans is to generate revenue for the attacker on a pay-per-click basis by inflating webite traffic. They can also be used to drain the budget of competitor by artificially inflating the balance owed to ad network”.

Sum it up

Not only Apple even Google also removed some fraud apps after Quick heal security labs found them to be harmful for Android users. Apple and Google both want users should not face any kind of problem-related to the applications because just one mistake and they can lose the users. They understand everything so this is good news that both Companies look for the security first. Right now Apple did their users security.

For more updates get in touch with us till then keep reading.