India And Germany May Sign Agreement On Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence! This is one of the technologies that our Indian government is focusing on and they want the technology should be beneficial for the agriculture sector in the coming months. For this Technology to offer, India decided to shake hands and looking to sign the agreement with Germany. The Chancellor of Germany Angela Markel is on a three-day visit to New Delhi, India where they look to sing agreement with India for the use of Artificial Intelligence partnership in the farming sector. Let’s go ahead and try to understand about the agreement on AI.

How AI can help the farmers?

Do you think that countries need AI in the agriculture sector? We guess this step is going to boom the sector of agriculture as AI technology is ready to increase productivity rapidly and provide the efficiency. Many farmers want the improvement in crop management practice so everyone expects that the technology called Artificial Intelligence can help them.

As we all know population of country is growing rapidly and the land is scarce. We need to grow more crops on less land. To do this we need technology. Artificial Intelligence is the technology through which we are able to control pests, monitor crop’s health and can also monitor the soil quality. It is helpful for overall food chain supply.

India And Germany May Sign Agreement On Artificial Intelligence

Farmers can use AI to monitor temperature, weather condition and water usage too. Artificial Intelligence is one of the technologies which can solve the problem of workforce shortage. You can say Artificial Intelligence is the future of farming.

An insight of this three-day visit and AI agreement

Recent news about the technology that the country India is going to sign the agreement with Germany and this agreement is about AI tech for the Agriculture sector. But here want to clear one thing that agreement of AI they are not only going to discuss but also they include green urban mobility. We have seen the report of German Ambassador Walter J. Lindner where he shared that PM Narendra Modi and Markel expected to talk about trade, investment, regional security and also talk about environmental-related issues. This three-day visit started on 31st October 2019. 

PM Narendra Modi said, “With Blockchain technology, this problem can also be controlled. Through a real-time monitoring of the supply chain, the technology can bring in transparency in the agriculture trade- starting from the production process to making it available for the farmers as products can be examined at every stage. This will have complete network comprising farmers, processing units, regulatory authorities and consumers. Because one affiliated to this chain can keep an eye on this, therefore, the scope of corruption will also be reduced.” 

In fact, Modi talked about the drone system that this drone tech in pest control has slowly started and coming months it is going to be present everywhere. Chancellor Angela Markel already set their objective she is going to talk about economic and trade relations. Also, she is going to talk about innovation and digitalisation.  

Past relation and earlier investment between India and Germany

We have never seen any bad relation or any problem between the partnership of Germany and India as the report said bilateral trade between India and German rose to $24.06billion. This investment is of last year and they improved it if you check the 2017 bilateral trade investment rose of $22 Billion. Even we researched about the investment of both countries and we get to know that Germany invested around $12 billion since the year 2000. Also, you can watch out that many well-established companies in Germany are here so a big deal. Around 1700 companies of Germany are in India so it’s a big profit for both countries and yes both have a good strong relationship. You will strange to know that more than 1700 companies are running in India. Hope the relation stays the same in future too. 


This three-day visit is important and every Indian and German look to get updated about what is going to change or what is going to happen. This kind of technology like AI in the agriculture sector is a plus point for everyone because we need more development in farming so that every practice shall be done with no stress.

We will update you further if any new information we get to know about this. Till then get in touch with us for more updates.