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Three emerging trends in the energy and utilities industry are reshaping the marketplace. New technology, smarter grids and fundamentally changing business models are creating new challenges – and opportunities. Get up to speed on and discover our industry-leading solutions for your organization.

Energy Supply Optimization

Customer Engagement

Billing and Revenue Management

What the Next in Energy and Utilities Industries

Your utilities enterprise should combine conventional with new sources of energy to maximize generation. You should enhance the performance of assets for seamless transmission and distribution. Further, you must offer bespoke usage plans for superior customer support.

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The MaigroTech Utilities industry group brings deep industry knowledge, world-class capabilities, digital innovation and cutting-edge technology to our clients to enable transformation across the utility value chain for value and growth. Our capabilities are underpinned by our industry services across the utility value chain that combine our industry expertise and assets to provide end-to-end services, bringing the best of MaigroTech to utility organizations..

The future of Energy and Utilities Industries

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2. Surprising avenues to exceptional outcomes :

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1. Customer expectations meet cognitive system:

MaigroTech industries experts discuss the role of cognitive in the age of the customer with Business Insider

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