Yahoo may pay $358 to the victim of the data breach!

Those are lucky who live in the US or Israel and also have an account in Yahoo from 1st January 2012 to 31st December 2016. I will tell you how, these days if you read out the news of Yahoo then I am sure you missed the chance to operate the account in those four years. If you are still confused then let me tell you what the matter is. Yahoo has decided that if you have operated your Yahoo account in those four years and also lived in the US and Israel then good news is they send you an email where you could be eligible for $358 or more.

Why Yahoo will pay to old Yahoo account operator?

Yes, the Company is ready to pay to fix the settlement of data breach. Of course, the news is correct my friend. At that time data breach creates a big issue for the users because their personal data got stolen. Yahoo is ready to shakes hand with you by introducing a deal to pay you money. You can say it is a recovery of user’s loss. Never expected that such big company can act fairly for their users now. In fact, I have some more piece of information for you regarding this matter. Readout the whole content below if you are Yahoo users-

At that time it is easy for the hackers to gain access to your Yahoo account, steal your personal mails even contacts and calendar too with their separate attacks. It was a bad moment for users, in fact two attacks was done in 2012. Yahoo never shares any statement regarding this and even never highlighted it. Now Yahoo is sending emails to those victims of hacking that they are going to pay them.. 

How you can get money from Yahoo?

Okay,Yahoo has done something for you all. So I hope you keep attention here because now they are ready to pay you some money against data breach.

To get money you can submit your claim and they will monitor at least two-year service which was provided by AllClearID. Here you can watch the service includes identity theft monitoring, up to $1 million in theft insurance and identity recovery assistant.

You will get cash payment if you have a credit monitoring protection service from earlier. Yahoo Company said that they will pay depending on the funds like the price range is less than $100 to a max of $358.80.

Yahoo is ready to refund up to 25% of the amount which you already pay for Yahoo premium account.

Yahoo is ready to pay 25 percent of which you already paid to Yahoo for small business email service.

How to file claim and what is the last day for this? 

Do you want to file claim against Yahoo? I know nobody wants to miss this chance, so you can do this as a basic account holder or as a paid user too. Those who lived in Israel and are the victim of this situation which we shared above then you must submit a separate form to claim. And the last date to submit the form of claim via online or postmarked by email is 20th July 2020.

We have a statement which Yahoo shared so have a look, “Yahoo announced that if you have an account any time between January 1, 2012, and December 31, 2016, and are a resident of the US and Israel, you are a part of settlement class and can file a claim for part of the $117,500,000 settlement fund.”

Wrapping Up.

Bad luck for those who are not part of the Yahoo account at that time. Well, those who are the victim of such situation will definitely get paid. Credit goes to Yahoo, who understands their user’s loss and keep their hopes alive to operate Yahoo again. Right now users should focus on how to get claim and make sure to complete the process soon. We already shared the last date of submit the claim in this blog.

We will update you if Yahoo shares any such information regarding this which is important to know. Till then get in touch with us for more interesting blogs.