So, how many of you have account on Facebook and Twitter? Almost everyone would have, right? These two social media giants have tremendously made their space in people’s life. Almost 70% of world population operates these two platforms. It means they’re hardly to replace by another media platform, right? No guys, not necessarily as developers have put in so much efforts to introduce new social media platforms. Did you get any hint? No, okay let me tell you a new social media platform “WT: Social” has launched as a rival for Facebook and Twitter. Interesting no? 

‘WT: Social’

Are you curious to know about this new social media platform? If yes then stick to this article and get every detail regarding this new social networking site below.

‘WT: Social’ is ready to compete with Facebook and Twitter soon!

First let me tell you, the founder of ‘WT: Social’ is Wikipedia co-founder Jimmy Wales. He has launched this social networking site last month publically which will compete with both the social media platforms i.e. Facebook and Twitter.

Wales aims to finance this app through donations, just like Wikipedia. This site will share contents and articles like other social media platforms but the important thing about the site is it will not ask users for subscription charges to access the information.

What is the major intension behind the launch of this social network?

Facebook and Twitter have become more of a marketing platforms rather than community engagement one. Now marketers use these platforms to market their products by showing advertisement on them and sometimes sharing unauthentic information.

To tackle this issue, Jimmy Wales has introduced a new network that is intended to get the right what Facebook and Twitter have so far been getting wrong.

Wales also revealed that ‘WT:Social’ had 25,000 members on November 6, now it has about 78,000 members who are once intrigued by the idea of social network that combats fake news.

Jimmy Wales told Financial Time media, “The business model of social-media companies, of pure advertising, is problematic, it turns out the huge winner is low-quality content”.  

Some major highlights of this new Social media platform “WT: Social”

  • WT: Social is same as ‘WikiTribune’ which Wales launched in April 2017 as news sharing service. However, this site didn’t get much traction that’s why Wales moved on to launch another social site that is WT: Social.
  • This site goes against the ad-funded models normalized by Google, Facebook, and Twitter. This site doesn’t ask users to pay a subscription fee to access the information like Facebook or Twitter. It is much like Wikipedia which provides information to every person without any charge.
  • Anybody can volunteer to write and curate News article. Also can add source and can suggest possible changes.
  • WT: Social aims to build smaller self-sustaining communities built around niche subjects and it will also rely on community of users to enforce standards.
  • WT: Social hopes to add an “up vote” button that will allow users to recommend quality stories,” the report states.
  • This new social network is free to join, but at the moment, you either have to sign up for a waitlist, donate, or invite friends. Right now it already has 50,000 users.

Bringing it together!                                     

Wales’s ‘WT: Social’ network is committed to an open, transparent model like Wikipedia which will provide information without asking you for the subscription fee or charge. It is donation based site and Wales doesn’t expect the social network to be profitable. He hopes WT: Social can attract 50 million or even half a billion users like Netflix or Spotify in attracting people who’re ready to pay for “meaningful contents”.

Folks, now you know that this social site is launched to tackle the “fake news” issue which marketers are paid for presenting them on major social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter. So, you can join this site and enjoy the experience of getting authentic and relevant news without any charges, join this as soon as possible.

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