'Deepfake app Zao'
'Deepfake app Zao'

“Deepfake App Zao,” are you aware of this app? No, let me tell you what is going on with this app. This is a Chinese app which has been in controversies since it got launched (last month) in China. Why it is in controversy? Actually, this application is facing issues related to privacy concerns of users.

We all know that China keeps remaining in controversies, but now its mobile application also is in a debate. And I am sure because of this issue the app soon going to be shut down from the play store. In the starting days, applications reach success, but soon they have to face the downfall from the platform. It is true because nowadays there is no privacy and security offering to users. So, I don’t think in coming days any mobile app can get a good response. And this is exactly what happens with “ZAO” app. To know more about this app, you need to keep reading this article till end.   

What is the Controversy of ZAO App?

Have you ever seen people using the application which is not safe or there is no user’s privacy? No one will waste time using such a bad app which offers no privacy or security. And no one wants to share their information with the third-party. All such issues related to privacy are found in Deepfake Zao app. Their developer apologizes to every user but now the question is how they gain the trust of users again? Do you think that users will come back again to this platform?  As you all have heard the famous adage-“The First impression is the last impression”. This adage can be applied on Zao app developers. Next in this article I am going to share the whole detail of this controversy which is going on. 

Developer apologizes publically for their mobile app Zao.

Before you go further, you need to read out about the actual work of application Zao. The Deepfake technology uses artificial intelligence (AI). It allows you to insert your face in place of your favorite film and TV Characters. This face swapping app is very creative where you can change the character’s face by using selfie from your mobile phones. Do you think that such an artistic app can be the victim of the worst mobile app for the users? Unfortunately it is, because users of China got to know that it gave developers the global right to use the user’s image created on the application. How awful it is when the developer has the right to transfer authorization to any of third-party without permission of users.  

Social media also banned users to upload Zao videos.

Developers are facing serious issues regarding their application. They apologized for the issue by saying that the application Zao will not store any biometric information and also will not collect any such information. I don’t think so apologizing from everyone is the solution any more. Popular social media app called ‘WeChat’ also banned users from uploading Zao videos via its platform. The reason being, they simply don’t want their security to be broken as such app can be too risky to operate. 

After all such issues it’s very obvious that Zao has been lost their users. I think I don’t need to explain this because you all know that whenever users can’t find any privacy; they stop using the application/platform or otherwise uninstall it permanently. We always like to operate only those mobile applications which are secure and never leak any personal information. Using applications which has no privacy can be harmful to use. No one will like to operate such an app on their mobile devices. Zao is currently working in China only and not introduced in other regions yet, otherwise, it could be a huge loss to every user globally.

Could Zao affect the facial payment method?

This is the serious concern for every account holder who uses facial technology for payment verification. Did you hear about the world’s largest payment platform “Alipay”? It is owned by ‘Alibaba’ and it has at least more than 800 million users who operate this app as mobile payment platform using facial technology. The Company assured its users about its video which was created in Zao app that it cannot be used for defrauding their system. Many users use this app to pay in shops and restaurant via looking in camera. This system is called ‘Smile to pay’. Alibaba ensure that ‘Alipay’ is using sophisticated anti-spoofing algorithms to ensure user’s photographs safety. The developer said that “The facial payment security threshold is extremely high and face changing technology realized by only one photo can’t break through the system. It was completely impossible for Deepfakes of this kind to threaten payment security”.  


At the end, just want to say that in this world, we hardly trust people then how can we gain trust in the application Zao again. We all know that privacy is everyone’s priority and if the app developers are not aware of it then you can imagine what will be the future of application. Right now the app developers promise to solve this matter, but this is the question that what will be the reaction of users?

This is all about the app Zao. We will update you If we got any further information regarding this app. Till then get in touch with us for another interesting articles.