Google will pay fine for YouTube Kids privacy violation
Google will pay fine for YouTube Kids privacy violation

Once again Tech-giant has to face some issue regarding the security matter. This time it is a serious concern related to users. Privacy is most important thing which users always look to get from the platform they operate and if they are not satisfied with the privacy then I am sure the platform loses the users. Sometimes these platforms has to pay fine also for the violation of user’s privacy. In this article I am going to explain the whole matter.

Can’t take privacy lightly, See what YouTube did.

Here we are highlighting the famous video surfing application that is YouTube owned by Google. YouTube has to pay fine $170million after violating the information related to its Kids users on YouTube Kids channel.

The Federal Trade Commission has been announced that they are fining Google $170 million over violation of kid’s privacy into YouTube. It’s quite shocking but the fact is popular video channel YouTube Kids is in danger. The application will pay a fine to both Federal Trade Commission and also to New York Attorney General. Both need to settle this matter while paying such amount and the reason is video sharing site alleged dishonored the federal law. They focus on collecting the information of children’s viewing history and use it to serve them ads related to their search history.

Google is agreed to pay fine for YouTube Kid’s channel after violating the Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act or COPPA.  This act came in the year 1998 and managed by Federal Trade Commission. Now the news is COPPA need the information of website directed at children’s.

With this violation of act YouTube can track the data like code generated by children’s, search history of children’s below the age 13, now COPPA needs the information of all such trackers.

Let me share what Federal Trade Commission (FTC) wrote in a press release as they said: “YouTube earned millions of dollars by using the identifiers, commonly known as cookies, to deliver targeted ads to viewers of these channels, according to the complaint”.

Statement of YouTube CEO regarding this issue.

YouTube CEO Susan Wojcicki said in a blog post that “Starting in about four months, we will treat data from anyone watching children’s content on YouTube as coming from a child, regardless of the age of the user. This means that we will limit data collection and use on videos made for kids only to what is needed to support the operation of the service. We will also stop serving personalized ads on this content entirely, and some features will no longer be available on this type of content.”

Difficulty for both not only they have to pay but also those who operate YouTube. When they read out about this privacy matter then you all know some users can quit. Losing the users is a negative aspect and that’s what YouTube and Google has to face.

Final Words…

At the end, just want to say if you are still operating any kind of service where there is no user’s privacy then stop it. This is not the first time when Google is fined. Presently we got many news related to data breach. We have to be careful when surfing on net. Maureen Ohlhausen, a former acting chairwoman of the trade commission said that “You want to be sure that you don’t kill the goose that lays the golden egg.” This is all about Google and YouTube what we mentioned above. We will update you regarding same if we got any new information related to this matter.

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