Google and Oracle Copyright fight,
Google and Oracle Copyright fight,

We all know that tech giant Google always remains in headlines for some launch of new apps, latest updates in Android phone, introduction of new technology and a lot more. This time it is not like that guys, because this time Google is in headlines for its wrangling or dispute with another tech giant Oracle. Though the dispute between Oracle and Google has been happening since 2010 (now almost a decade) yet it’s not over. Now the dispute is in talk as recently Supreme Court of US heard the dispute and made some statement.

So do you want to know the whole matter behind this dispute between Google and Oracle and what Supreme Court said? Just keep reading the article and get yourself updated with this blog.

What is the reason behind the dispute between Google and Oracle?

The root cause behind this dispute starts in back 2010 when Oracle sued Google over copyright and patent infringement allegations for its use of the Java programming language in Android which is the world’s most popular mobile operating system.

Oracle says Google has illegally used or copied 11,500 lines of code from Oracle’s Java programming language and deployed the code in Android. And that’s why it sued against Google for violating its copyright law.

However, Java was developed by Sun Microsystems from whom Oracle bought in a deal valued at $7.4 billion that was completed in 2010.     

Google’s appeal to Supreme Court after the denial from Federal Circuit

After the allegation from Oracle, Google said that under fair-use laws it didn’t need a license for the open source software. Google has also said that it hasn’t damaged any programming language of Oracle’s Java. Earlier, Google filed its petition against Oracle and also had won cases in lower courts.

To tackle this issue, Google also appealed to Federal Circuit last year, but Federal Circuit denied Google’s appeal in March decision saying that Google’s use of Oracle’s Java APIs was not fair use.

Now Google has stated that it will take the case to the Supreme Court. Let me tell you folks that Supreme Court is agreed to hear appeal by Google challenging its loss to Oracle Corp. in a copyright case.

After appeal to Supreme Court Google says to Android Police, “We are disappointed that the Federal Circuit overturned the jury finding that Java is open and free for everyone. We will appeal to the Supreme Court to defend this principle against companies like Oracle, whose restrictive practices threaten to stifle the work of new generations of tech developers,”

Why the dispute between Google and Oracle is in talk again?

Let me be very clear, whatever Google has done to Oracle for breaking copyright law or copying its JAVA programming language, for that reason Oracle is asking Google for $9 billion for the damage that Google has caused. Earlier, Oracle claimed $8.8 billion now it has increased the damaged charges.

However, Google argues that it made fair use of codes and didn’t damage or infringe any copyright of Oracle Company. This is the reason why Google appealed to Supreme Court of US to solve this wrangling with Oracle.

The Supreme Court has agreed to referee a high-profile copyright dispute between Google and Oracle. The court will announce the decision on Friday this week.

Big Red in its statement to The Register says, “We are confident the Supreme Court will preserve long established copyright protections for original software and reject Google’s continuing efforts to avoid responsibility for copying Oracle’s innovations,”

Final words!

Guys, it’s hard to say in whose favor Supreme Court decision will be and who will be the victor in this longstanding years dispute. However, breaking the laws or illegal use of anything is wrong if Google has done so with Oracle’s Java programming language then it has to pay for it.

Whatever the decision will be of Supreme Court it will surely gonna have huge influence on all similar lawsuit or copyright cases that come under it.

So keep waiting till the Supreme Court takes any decision or make any announcement for solving this long going dispute. We will be back with another article, till then get in touch with us.