Artificial Intellience Conference Shanghai 2019.
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WAIC once again in China, let’s see what new changes are highlighting now

Artificial Intellience Conference Shanghai 2019.

Hello folks! Today I will tell you the country which is well-known for its controversies everywhere. It is none other than China. Yes, of course, China is popular and the reason behind is its well-established company called Huawei. These days we all heard some Huawei concern with the US, India related to 5G concept that is going on. Still, China believes in Huawei and that’s why they got 5G contracts from many countries. Today I am highlighting China not because of Huawei, this is about the World Artificial Intelligence Conference 2019.

You all heard about the technology known as Artificial Intelligence. There are several events goes of this technology in 2019. Today I think every business entrepreneur and every technology experts will visit Shanghai, city of China. It is important to attend such event because it will sharpen your knowledge related to technology and positively keep you on track if you are running your business. Technology has a big control on every industry and every business so this article is vital for you to know about the ongoing event.  Read the article till last.

Date and Venue of World Artificial Intelligence Conference 2019. 

This is second Artificial Intelligence Conference that is going on in Shanghai. If you want to attend then it starts from Aug 29 to Aug 31 2019. Today is the first day of this conference. Here you gonna see two summits on science and technology invention and yes 10 industry panel held in these three-days event. Obviously, you need to go there to watch out what changes they have made.

You can see there Government officials, representatives of an international organization, top-experts, scientist and even some business leaders. Without them, the event can’t happen because they are those who will speak on a variety of subjects regarding the “Artificial Intelligence” technology. Well, words can’t be enough to describe the technology. It is one of the top key technologies which have the power to change your business and make it more dominant than before. 

Key focus area about this Artificial Intelligence conference.

  • We are going to participate in this conference then it’s important to know what topics they will highlight about the technology. We get to know that they gonna share about an intelligent algorithm, chip and smart hardware, autonomous driving, AI+5G and many more.
  • How important it is to know about some changes and new update regarding the Artificial Intelligence technology? They will also highlight what changes they have made now which can keep your business stable and you can work effectively.
  • This year event will focus on common problems in human development and its solution with the help of AI-enabled high-quality development to create a better life for mankind.

Some big companies and industries raise hands to join event.

  • Big companies and industries that join such event to give some special tips and pieces of advice. By this way any event or conferences become success. Come here now as we are highlight the AI event in Shanghai so let me tell you that Tesla CEO will be participating in this event. His name is Elon Musk.
  • Many big companies like Alibaba, Tencent and Microsoft that are ready to be with Tesla as the partner of the conference.
  • The purpose of all these things is to inform you about the role of AI technology where to apply. They will explain how you can apply the technology to empower your industries setup, your education, healthcare industry, city management and the last finance and commerce. 

Statement of Mark Tanner in WAIC.

All you know about the relationship between the US and China which is not so good. US start increasing tariff on China goods and also some more issues regarding their political matter. In fact, in this event of AI technology, Tesla is one of the company of the US is ready to participate and join the event in Shanghai. So Mark Tanner who is a founder of Shanghai-based research and Marketing Company China Skinny said “It’s a bit political when Trump’s big concern is that China has the aspiration to be the leader in AI, and the ramification that has in military, tech and industrial leadership. One interesting area to watch will be the value that China may incorporate into AI Algorithm, which would be quite different to those in the west”.

China already hosted WAIC last year?

I think this might be unknown news for most of you but the fact is the country China already hosted an event called World Artificial Intelligence Conference last year. That was the first time they hosted the WAIC event. You will be shocked when you get to know that around 200,000 visitors were participated in this event. Also, there were around 72,000 guests from 40 countries and regions who decided to be a part of the event last year. I think they got success last year, that’s why in 2019 they decided to launch one more event.

Future plan of China related to WAIC.

I think this event is ready to reach access everywhere because if some companies or well-known technologies experts are ready to attend the event, no one can fail this event at any cost. We hear about the future plan of China so we decided to share this news with you that China looking to host 10 AI Innovation pilot zone in 2020. The destination again they choose is Shanghai. This is also good for social impact, policies and also for the governance. This was said by Zhang Xu who is a Vice-director of the department of strategy and planning at the Ministry of Science and Technology. We get to know that the city Shanghai will now establish six demonstration zones for AI innovative applications and also with 60 scenarios for in-depth application of AI next year.


At the end just want to say that keep your political issue side and make your decision to join the event of AI to improve your country’s economy. The event is in Shanghai and for three-days where they will highlight some exceptional features you need to know related to AI technology. Number of Entrepreneurs are visiting here from different-different countries so how worthy it is to make business connections. Remember you are going not only to grab some knowledge regarding Artificial Intelligence but also you can make connections with some technology experts. It will be a plus point if you attend this three-day event in Shanghai, China. Today is the first day of conference. Only two days left to attend this amazing conference in beautiful city of china shanghai. So what are you waiting for, join the event and meet some experts and professionals about the technology now. This is all about the WAIC 2019. We will update you further regarding same. Get in touch with us for more updates and interesting articles.