Android 10 will launch on Google pixel
Android 10 will launch on Google pixel

As you all know ‘Google’ the tech giant is always in news due to its latest update and launch. I always get to know some recent news of Google and its updates. I must say this year Google has totally surprised us by showing amazing features and latest update. Recently it announces cool features in Gmail, new updates in Google Play store and also about the new name of Android Q and many more.

Sometimes it surprises us too after removed some popular apps from play store. Now it recently it made an announcement that very soon Android Q will be launch on Google pixel. Let’s go ahead and try to know what it is? So be ready and read the article till last to know about it.

Expected date of Android 10 Launch on Google Pixel.

The year 2019, Google always step-forward as compared to others. Once again it made us happy with another announcement. I am talking about the Android 10 that not only launched by Google but also you all can operate it in your Google Pixel smartphone. Although Google still not highlighted that at what smartphone it will work, or where it will not work. It is likely to release on to Google pixel till 3rd September 2019. According to a source we get to know that at first Android 10 will release on lower version of Pixels like Pixel 3. Let me clear you that you all can operate Android 10 not only in Pixel 3 version but also you will use it on Pixel2 very soon. 

Two more things soon to be launch by Google.

You all know that Google nowadays is well-known for showing some unexpected surprises but now one more news reveal by Google and that is related to the operating system and mobile phone. Google is looking to launch not only Android 10 but also the upcoming Pixel smartphone that is Google Pixel4 series will launch in October 2019. Do you think users of Google Pixel4 can also operate Android 10?

Yes, that is true as sources said that the operating system called Android 10 will be likely launch on to Pixel 4 version till October 2019. Still the date is not confirmed but according to a source the month is fixed and that is October of this year. 

List of pixel smartphones in which can operate Android 10.

Google Pixel has many versions. So, I think this might be a good to know, Which Pixel version smartphone users can use Android 10?    Next month will be too interesting for every pixel smartphone operators when they get to know that Android 10 will be available for-

  • Pixel 3a
  • Pixel 3a XL
  • Pixel 3
  • Pixel 3 XL
  • Pixel 2
  • Pixel 2 XL 

These are the smartphones of pixel series that already launched a few years back and they can also operate the Android 10 operating system soon. Everybody wants to upgrade their operating system with Android 10. Do you know why? Answer is very simple. Android is the operating system which is compatible to IOS, with security enhancement, Internet connectivity, handling apps and many more.  

Name changing game by Google.

  • Before announcing the date, we get some name changing information regarding this OS that first it was highlighting the name as Android Q but Google doesn’t want the name should be like a dessert name now.
  • Good decision because if we go back and remember the name of OS that was like Donut, Eclair, Honeycomb, KitKat and there were many like this. Google set their mind now to disconnect with all such name.
  • There were different confusion related to pronunciation and understanding. Now it will be easy to understand the different OS versions.

Google shared something in a blog, have a look

Above are the actual facts what I told you now let me share what Google posted in a blog related to this matter. “This next release of Android will simply use the version number and be called Android10. We think this change helps make release name simpler and more intuitive for our global community. And while there were many tempting “Q” desserts out there, we think at the version10 and 2.5 billion active devices, it is the right time to make this change”. So, in-short Google is happy to bring a new idea with this name changing game and want every user to keep patience for Android 10 because soon it will be available in your Android smartphones and Google Pixel too.

Final Thoughts

Once again, Google not highlighted the final release date of Android 10 OS in to Google Pixels. They promise that it will launch soon this year for sure. Upcoming months will be quite interesting for all Android users because no doubt Android 10 OS can launch but you also can operate its beta version in your smartphone.

This is all about the Google latest announcement. We will update you if we get any other information related to the same. Till then get in touch with us for more interesting articles and latest updates.