facts about Apple iPhone 11 launches
facts about Apple iPhone 11 launches

The world of technology is full of innovation. In this term Apple’s contribution is appreciable. In this article I am going to share an upcoming iPhone and other technology which will be introduced in Apple Annual Event. Now I am sure you all are thinking about the event. Which type of event? When and where it is going to be held? Don’t worry folks, not only about the technology but also I will include all information regarding upcoming most popular event.

I know you all are smartphone lover and everyone waits for newly launched smartphones. Everyone loves to purchase new mobile phones especially iPhone which is too popular because of its advanced features and security. Very soon, in this month Apple will launch its new version phone that is Apple 11. So, your wait is going to finish this exciting launch.

You can’t relate some features and design of iPhone with other window phone and android also. Due to its popularity and fame Apple is going to introduce iPhone 11. In past few years demand of iPhone is on rise. So if you are a tech savvy and Apple lover then this article for you. To know about all these stuff kindly read the article till last. 

Insight of iPhone 11 launch in Apple’s Annual Event

In this article we are talking about the Apple Annual Event 2019. The event is going to be held in Cupertino, California 10 of this month. As they are looking to launch some latest gadgets, smart watches iPad and many more technologies. We get to know thousands of visitors are ready to be a part of this conference. As invitations has been sent to all.

Obviously, Apple is the limelight of this event. The suspense of exact date of iPhone 11 launches is still alive. The actual date has not been revealed yet but the expected date is September 10. This is also expecting that we can see three models of iPhones. Not only iPhone, in this annual event Apple will also introduce with another gadget with latest updates, features and many more.

Wants to know more about Apple iPhone11

  • Apple has decided that they will launch the two-premium model of iPhone 11 this year and such devices will be called as iPhone11 and iPhone11 Max. You will also experience OLED display like Samsung S10 and Note10.
  • Now, most of you like the iPhone camera so I guess you want to know about camera quality in these models. The iPhone11 series will comes with first triple rear camera system.
  • Many of us are expected good battery backup and wireless charging in iPhone11 series. Let me tell you iPhone 11 has 3200mAh battery, slightly better than iPhone X. 

Another Apple Product which will launch in upcoming event.

Yes, Apple Company is not only ready to come up with iPhone11 series but also you will see some more updates in Apple another product. Let’s talk about those updates what you want to see. So, here it is-

MacBook Pro 16

Ask from every MacBook lover that how important it is to operate MacBook for their business. Apple has launched last year MacBook mini and MacBook Air. Now Apple is going to launch this year 16-inch MacBook Pro. Even you will see the replacement of butterfly keyboard by optical one and the reason is to make it more durable.

Apple Watch Series 5

Everyone wants to wear Apple smart watched so now one more announcement for every Apple Watches lovers. The watch 5 will be the best one till now which is going to release this month. It is ready to come up with the feature of sleep tracking, health features, larger battery and many more. Here two versions you will see that is 40mm and 44mm and that is with animation for initial setup processor. We get to know that this smart watch with some advanced features is ready to come in titanium and ceramic variants.

New Airpods

Earlier Apple is looking to launch this new generation Airpod but due to some reasons, it couldn’t happen. Now it is ready to show you the new generation Airpod for every Apple lovers. It is updated with Siri support and came with wireless charging case. Now it is expecting that Apple can share some extra features related to Airpod in event which is not revealed yet.

iPad Update 

I guess every iPad lovers know about it that last year in the month of October, Apple introduced iPad pro for everyone. Apple runs good business after launching it. Now this year there is no rumors regarding this. What exactly Apple has to show in, you can only know after this event. Have some patience there must be something new related to iPad.

Another event regarding Apple iPhone launch

This year many more events are lined up. IFA is one of them. The International Factoring Association (IFA) will also announce recent updates and launch of iPhone11. This will also held in September month. In this event they welcome many big companies to join and also share some upcoming technologies. Company like Samsung, Huawei, LG and Sony are also the participants of this event. Details regarding folding phone which is not yet launched will be unfold here. In IFA Conference, the companies like LG and Nokia is ready to join and they gonna share some special announcement regarding their businesses.

Many of you are looking something about the 5G network so let me tell you that you must attend this event as companies are looking to point on this matter too.

Artificial Intelligence and Robotics are also in agenda of IFA 2019.


In this article we tried to include all A B C D regarding iPhone launch. This is good news for all Apple lovers and also surprised. In upcoming apple Annual event not only iPhone but many more and you can say almost all product’s latest launch and upgraded versions are included. We must say this type of event is beneficial for all entrepreneurs to attend.

I think this month Apple’s popularity again reaching everywhere because of its special products launch. We will definitely update you if we get any further information regarding this Apple Annual Event or related to Apple iPhone. We will be back with another interesting article. Be with us and get in touch to know more and more and more.