Security Flaw has been detected in IOS 13
Security flaw has been detected in IOS 13

Do you think that you can get success if you launch any device or any software that is full of bugs? Unfortunately many companies are getting infected by these technical bugs. Here I am highlighting about the ‘Apple’ company. Name is enough to describe what actual it is. Apple is famous for its security but now Apple gets involved in the controversy regarding security flaws and many such things. 

IOS 13 Security flaws is creating negative image of Apple.

Obviously, it breaks the heart of most of the users who are Apple lover. However, the interesting fact is that, people still love to use only iPhone as it has been made its strong perception in user’s mind. Today, I have written about the security flaws of Apple in this article to update you. One more time you might face some problems regarding this as IOS13 gets noticed by security flaw. It is such a tensed moment for the Apple Company because till now they have not launched this version and the version IOS13 becomes the victim of security flaws. Let’s understand the whole matter about the version IOS13. So keep reading folks.

Security researcher reveals about the security flaw

In ‘Apple Worldwide Developers Conference’ we got to know about IOS 13 version which held in June. Now Apple cleared the date of IOS 13 version and which is going to launch on 19 September 2019 this year.  You can start downloading the version from 19 September.

Well, this is about the version that is going to launch. Let’s understand the present situation which is going on. Security researcher named Jose Rodriguez has done a great job for the Apple users by finding out security flaw that is present in this version. In this security flaw IOS 13 allows users to access the iPhone even if they don’t know the correct password to open the locked screen of the mobile. It means anybody can use your phone easily. This is such a big concern for all IOS users.

Security researchers Jose Rodriguez said, “All kind of following information will be subjected to target the security flaws, phone number, addresses, email addresses as well as other contacts. More particularly, it makes a FaceTime call and leverages the voice over feature of Siri to approach contact lists on the targeted iPhone. Besides, remote access is possible; therefore, hackers have to use an iPhone to make use of this security flaws.” 

How Apple will fix this security flaw? 

Understand this too before judging anything.  The researcher who finds out this flaw already informed Apple in July month. No action has been taken for this flaw till now. But Apple announced that this flaw will be removed soon with an update of IOS. All iPhone lovers will have to wait for IOS13.1 Version which is going to release on 30th September this year. This version will be bug free. It clearly means that Apple will launch IOS 13 with bug then after few days bug free version will be launched. Jose Rodriguez also said, “I found the bug in early July, along with another bug, I sent both bug to complete a security report that Apple recorded in my iPhone by installing a profile and recording what happened in my iPhone to bypass the lock screen.” 

Users need to keep patience till September 30. Users can fix and install it on their devices. You want to use the version of IOS 13 then you can operate it on the Beta version and right now it is available there. 

Is this the first time when Apple is facing security issues? 

I never saw any company who is free from the issues in the past. It is hard to find out the companies who never faced any controversy related to security issue or flaws. We all know apple is famous for its security; however Apple too has faced many security and bugs issue. So, let me remind you when, few years ago when the company launched iPhone6 and faced the problem of security issues in the device.

At that time, we got to know that it was easy for hackers to bypass the screen lock to exploit both contacts and photographs of iPhone6 users. We saw another issue on IOS12.1 version where we got to know hackers attacked user’s contact and also making a call while using the FaceTime feature from their device.

Final thought..

Do you think this time Apple can lose its users because of such flaws? I don’t know about the users as all will take their own decisions depending on whether to use Apple IOS 13 version or not. We mentioned in this article that soon Apple will launch IOS 13.1 with the solution of this flaw. You all have to wait for few days only for the solution. Tomorrow on dated 19th September Apple is going to launch IOS 13 and then after on Sep 30th it will launch IOS 13.1 as a solution of this bug.

This is all about the launch of IOS 13 and its security flaw. We tried to include all information regarding this issue. We will also update you if Apple reveals any big news regarding IOS 13 or 13.1. Get in touch with us for another interesting article. Till then keep reading, keep sharing and keep yourself update.