“Play Pass” the rival of Apple Arcade will be launched soon.
“Play Pass” the rival of Apple Arcade will be launched soon.

Apple and Android are the two big giants of the smartphone app market. Both these companies are always quarreling with each other regarding the domination in their respective aspects. Well, get ready for another fight as both of them have decided to launch their projects ‘Apple Arcade’ and ‘Google play pass’ till the end of this year.

First, we will start with Apple Arcade

Apple is going to enter in gaming industry by launching its gaming subscription service called “Apple Arcade.”

Before the launch, it earned the title “first gaming subscription of the world”. Even though it hasn’t launched yet the announcement has been made before Google. So, history will remember it as the “World’s first gaming subscription service”.

It was expected to launch this year, but many dates have been passed. Still, it hasn’t got launched.

It looks like Google has taken advantage of this laziness and decided to give some tough competition to the Apple. The Gaming subscription service of Apple embedded the gamers with the enormous features of AR (Augmented Reality) and Multiplayer. 

“Apple Arcade” Gaming subscription service grants the gamers to reach almost 100 brand new games at a cost of a single subscription.

It means on just one subscription you can able to play over 100 games. Well, this is exciting news for game lovers.

Expected List of games which Apple is going to include

Although Apple hasn’t made an official announcement regarding the list of its 100 games, it is going to include. The Expected list will look something like this:

  1. Beyond a steel sky
  2. Atone Heart of the elder tree
  3. Cardpocalypse
  4. Doomsday
  5. Down in Bermuda
  6. The Bradwell conspiracy
  7. Frogger in toy town
  8. Fantasian
  9. Hot Lava
  10. Hitchhiker
  11. Enter the construct
  12. Lego Brawls
  13. Lego Arthouse
  14. LifeLike
  15. Little Orpheus
  16. Mr. turtle
  17. Monomals
  18. King of the castle
  19. Overland
  20. Oceanhorn 2:  Knights of the lost Realm
  21. No Way Home
  22. Projection: First Light
  23. The Pathless
  24. Sonic racing
  25. Spidersaurs
  26. Sneaky Sasquatch
  27. Sayonara Wild Hearts
  28. Shantae and the Seven Sirens
  29. Winding Worlds
  30. Where cards Fall
  31. Repair
  32. Yaga
  33. U.F.O on Tapes: First Contact, and so on.

The “Apple Arcade” is expected to be launched across 150 nations. It is compatible to most of the Apple devices like Mac, i-phone, i-pad, Apple T.V, etc.

Well, it was expected that Apple would launch this service in the month of July or August of 2019, but it hasn’t been launched yet.  Now, the final release date has been revealed by Apple and it is on 19th September 2019.

Let’s deep dive into “Google Play Pass”

Now, let’s talk about gaming subscription service announced by Google for Android based devices and it is known by the name “Google Play Pass.”

With the help of this subscription service, Android users get access to a diverse range of IAP games for free of cost.

Unlike Apple, Google doesn’t announce when it will launch.  It’s looking like Google is working on planning out strategy.

However, nothing can be said for sure regarding the gaming subscription services of Google by its Play Pass application.

Except for the fact that “Google Play Pass” is undergoing testing phases confirmation. The fact has been given by Google regarding this test.

So, as I said earlier that it seems like Google is giving competition to Apple. It is because Google doesn’t want that Apple just wipes out the floor of Google.

If our prediction is true then Google will launch its gaming subscription service after Apple Arcade or in October where the Google Pixel 4 is expected to launch.

“Google Play Pass” is expecting to launch first in few nations like U.S or U.K and not all over the world.

For mobile users, they are accessible to gaming subscription services in Google Play Pass which will charge around $4.99 monthly. Till now the list of games in Play Pass has not been revealed. So you all have to wait till next announcement.

Final Words!!!

By understanding the above-mentioned points, it is difficult to say between Apple Arcade and Google Play Pass which gaming subscription service will impress its users.

The reason is none of the apps has been launched till now; in this case audiences have nothing to compare.

They are in blank state of mind and in case if both of these apps got launched in the same month or just after another then consumers will get no chance to draw a conclusive comparison.

Some will like “Apple Arcade” some will have “Google Play Pass”. Both are single subscription ad free gaming service. Which gaming service you like the most and which you will prefer in the future, for this you have to wait.

Get in touch with us for more updates. Till then keep reading, keep sharing.