Microsoft Teams is supporting 8 more Indian languages
Microsoft Teams is supporting 8 more Indian languages

Do you speak Hindi only? Don’t worry I know most of you has some kind of difficulty while speaking in English or understanding it. Even I have seen many such platforms where only one language supported and you have no choice and you just quit the platform because you understand only Hindi. Now time is to clarify the solution as Microsoft Teams is ready to comfort you. I have mentioned this platform in this blog because the platform is in trend and now ready to support Indian languages like Bengali, Gujarati, Hindi, Kannada, Malayalam, Marathi, Telugu and Tamil.

I guess now every Indian is able to work on Microsoft Teams platform. Half of the population speaks these languages so I guess plus point to Microsoft Teams which is ready to gain popularity in India more. I am here to tell you what is going on regarding this language adding method in Microsoft Teams. Before that let me explain what actual Microsoft Team is.

Quick intro about Microsoft Teams

It is one of the communication platforms for every user where they can get chat experience, invite a friend for video call and application integration. Most of you people like to operate the calling feature so here you gonna see Instant messaging, Voice over IP and Voice conferencing. This platform also supports Public Switched Telephone network as it is such type of conferencing which enable the user to call phone number from clients.

This service is now by default integrated with office 365. To use Microsoft Team you need the subscription of business plan for office 365. It is a hub for teamwork. Here you can save file, chat with your team, Video call is also possible. According to Microsoft it will replace the Skype for Business.

How it is welcoming more Indian users?

  • Now Microsoft Teams is perfect platform for Indians as it is added eight new Indian languages like Bengali, Gujarati, Hindi, Kannada, Malayalam, Marathi, Telugu and Tamil.
  • To attract more Indian customers it is giving the facility of inline translation powered by Artificial Intelligence which will translate any language in Hindi.
  • By providing stickers in Hindi and using simple Hindi terms, Microsoft Team is engaging more Indian professional. Simple and popular words you can find here so I guess this platform can be your first choice. Right!
  • Not only in desktop Microsoft Team is giving localized interface supporting newly added eight Indian languages. It can be used in mobiles also. It is available for Android and IOS both.

Statement of Microsoft about this new feature.

Here we are mentioning the press note released by Microsoft. They said that “By extending Team’s support to eight Indian languages on mobile devices, Microsoft is aiming to benefit a large number of users including the first-line workers. The new departments will further strengthen teams as the hub for teamwork that bring people together and fosters a culture of engagement and inclusion.” This is significant for you to understand that the company also provides you an opportunity to change the UI of Microsoft Team App if you want. It can be done in IOS and Android both. By default it will be displayed according to your phone’s setting. If you want to change it then you can easily do this by changing the setting.

Artificial Intelligence technique making it more engaging.

Always the platform is considered as the best one when they try to include some latest technology. Here Microsoft Team App is using Artificial Intelligence by giving language translation facility. Here the platform inline translation can translate your chat between Hindi and other languages that it supports. One more plus point for the Hindi speaking users is to operate the feature called Immersive Reader. The feature plays its role to read out the received messages in Hindi. Even if you want to change the text input, you can.


This platform is giving tough competition to its competitor like Skype, Share Point and Yammer. Now Microsoft Team is ready to boom in the market. The biggest reason of its success as it is offering AI technique for the users. You have to accept that millions of people can’t speak and understand the English language. Microsoft Team is providing the advantage of best chat experience with team mate in work space. With this latest feature it is creating an engaging and transparent work hub. Most importantly Microsoft Team is giving 100% data security to its Office 365 users. This is best to use for your official purpose. Download it now.

This is all about ‘Microsoft Team’ we will be back with latest updates. Till then get in touch with us. You can also comment below if you want to know about anything else.