Fenix: Firefox Preview
Fenix : Firefox Preview

Are you fed up of the tracking cookies of various browsers? Do you also think your privacy, behavior and choices are at stake of the big tech giants? If yes, I have good news for you. The only browser which has been able to make its brand in spite of Google’s dominance in the browser market is Mozilla Firefox.

What is Mozilla Firefox?

Mozilla Firefox is an open source web browser. Which has been developed by Mozilla Foundation and its contributors Mozilla Corporation. It was created in 2002 and got 60 million downloads very soon. At that time it was compared with other internet explorer. Firefox got success to establish independent platform and praised for its security and speed.

Firefox official is available for all Windows, MacOS, Linux and Android. Currently it is available in 90 languages.

It has launched a preview version of its revamped browser. The browser has been given a codename as “Fenix”. Early version of Fenix appeared last year, but now it is available in beta version for public use in play store.

Features of Fenix (Firefox Preview)

Firefox preview has the following features:

1. Security  features:

Firefox preview has lot more privacy control features. As you download and install the browser on your phone, enhanced tracking protection will be set by default . It is available in the standard settings. It will block all third- party cookies tracking. Enhanced tracking protection will not be visible to you in general but when you will be browsing a site, you will see a badge with i written on it, which is an indicator that enhanced tracking protection is active. If you want to unblock any site, you can click-on the turn off blocking for this site option. The tracking protection feature is advantageous as no site will be able to track us. It enhances our privacy and secondly when trackers will be blocked, site will take less time to upload. In Mozilla preview you can also create alerts when a website asks permissions for access to camera, Gps tracking, gallery, microphone or contacts.

In Mozilla preview, you have the following options for site permissions:

Optimize – In this you can lower quality image, throttle streaming bandwidth, and platform level optimizations.

Recommended settings – Here you will see the default settings of Mozilla preview, they are:

a.) Blocked: Ads, auto display sound and video, cookies, trackers, pop-ups and website redirects.

b.) Ask to allow: Camera, location, microphone and notification.

c.) Allowed: DRM audio and video, JavaScript, Cache and site data and images.

Firefox believes privacy isn’t a feature, it’s a right.

2. Interface:

One thing which will not go unnoticed is the new interface of Mozilla Preview. Its user interface is much better than that of Firefox for mobile. The homepage of the revamped version is clutter free as there are no recommendations on the page. The navigation bar has been shifted to the bottom. It was at the top in the previous version. While scrolling or reading something, you will not see the navigation bar. Bookmarking, sign-in to Firefox, browsing history are the few options which are identical as any typical browser.

3. Browse faster:

The browsing speed of Firefox Preview is much faster than Firefox mobile. Mozilla claims its new browser is 2 times faster. It is powered by GeckoView which has made the browser faster as well as took care of the privacy of people.

4. Darkmode:

I think this is the only feature behind which all the organisations are running be it Apple, Android or WhatsApp. It is the coolest feature and for this I like Firefox Preview. You can fix to either dark mode or light theme in settings or you can choose the automatic option in settings, which will swap the theme as per your display settings.

5. Collections:

This is another very exciting feature of Firefox Preview. Suppose you have opened a tab and searched for something but didn’t close that tab. What will happen? In case of any other browser, when you reopen it, you will get to see the same page where you left the browser. In case of Firefox Preview, your previously opened tab will be saved in collections. A new Homepage will open whenever you open the browser. You can stay organised with this. You can share your tasks across devices. It is a boon for all those people who do not close tabs after using the browser.

Why Mozilla is launching Firefox Preview?

Mozilla has rolled out Firefox Preview to make users acquaint with better browsing speeds and provide them more security and privacy. Mozilla believes fast browsing and lowest tracking are the features of a good modern browser.

“No other browsers out there is taking a step to really push user’s privacy as a differentiating feature and take it as far as blocking all of the third party trackers,” says Vesta Zare, who is a senior product manager at Firefox’s mobile division. Firefox is against the selling of people’s privacy. Hence to deal with it, Firefox has launched Firefox Preview.

DuckduckGo, Brave and Tor are some browsers other than Firefox which are concerned about user’s privacy. This was all about Mozilla preview version Fenix. Keep reading and get in touch with us for more latest articles.