Microsoft workers might be listening Skype private conversations

Hello everyone! Just think at once today you all operate WhatsApp and Facebook in your smartphone. The reason behind is for video and voice call. Before operating these apps which site you operated to do video calls? No there are not so many because Skype is the first one which has gained millions of users. I remember when Skype launched in the market then there are hardly some of you aware of the video call concept. People were so surprised that Computer is a technology where you can get connected with anyone whether he/she lives near to you or far away. All thanks and credit goes to the Skype. Let me explain the use of Skype, as it allows everybody to get connected over the internet by voice using a microphone. You all need a webcam for video call to talk face to face.

Alert! Skype is listening your conversation.

Such an unbelievable feature Skype provides you. After that, you operate this feature in messaging application like WhatsApp. Many people still love to operate Skype. We never expected that Skype user can face trouble. Yes, they are facing some issues with Skype. As you know Microsoft is the owner of Skype. Sources said that Microsoft workers can listen to every conversation which you do while using Skype. It is disgusting. Everyone needs privacy and that is why we are here to aware you.

App translation service allows Microsoft worker to record the conversation? Is it true?

I think you might not believe it because you love the work of Microsoft but the fact is their workers listen to every conversation of you and your partner when you operate Skype. They can hear every private conversation of Skype via app translation service according to the sources. With the help of this, worker can record the audio, screenshots and cache internal documents. Every private chat that you do and many more things said by the Motherboard they can record.

Let’s recall the Skype translator service.

I think most of you are not aware about the translation service of Skype. I am here to tell you about it. Let’s recall the time of 2015, Skype launched the translator service. The use of such a translator is allowing the user to get real-time audio translation when you are doing a video call. They said that Skype will just collect and use your conversation because they want to improve the Microsoft product and services. This is important to help the translation for automatic transcripts analyzed. We agreed at that time but the app doesn’t explain that their worker too can hear the conversation of Skype users.

Is there only Microsoft, who did this?

I know most of you are still worried about your private conversation. I am not saying only Microsoft did this job. This year one more Company that is Amazon did this. As their voice assistant Alexa came in light to do such kind of act. It records the private conversation of the users and that is the reason people start avoiding Alexa.  Include two more in your list that did this type of job. I think you all are very well aware of Google Assistant and Apple’s Siri and the good news is both human transcribers were suspended and now you can’t operate such services.


My final words for you people who are still operating Skype. Mostly they use it for some business purposes or for some personal use. I know Skype is something advanced concept but the fact is, it is not safe. Whether you operate your business meeting through Skype or just to talk to somebody, don’t use Skype. Right now Microsoft workers hear everything so I will suggest you to not use Skype. Just wait till Microsoft take some strict action regarding this.

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