announcement from Google for India event 2019
Announcement from Google for India event 2019

Few days back on 19th September 2019 Google hosted ‘Google for India event’ in New Delhi. This is the fifth edition of Google event. In 2015 Google hosted their first edition. At that time Google updated us with some new features even bring some new technology update for us that keep our interest still on for Google. Last week, they again hosted an event and present some of the special updates and new advanced technique which is must for us to understand.

I know most of you have attended the event but still it is unknown for most of you. Many of big entrepreneurs or technology experts visited there and get aware of what Google highlighted. Some major announcement has been done. Some gadgets, mobile apps and many more services have been announced especially for Indian users. I am here to discuss about those important announcement with this article. Read the article till last.

1. Google highlighted about “Google Research India”

Google announced about “Google Research India” that they are looking to open an AI research lab in Bengaluru. Yes it is true, which will always focus on the development of Computer Science research in India. As we all know Artificial Intelligence the next level of technology. Of course, it will be helpful because it can solve our countries major problems related to healthcare, education and also agriculture. The lab will be under the guidance of Indian scientist and ACM fellow Dr. Manish Gupta.

The lab in Bangalore will be the point of conferences, communication between each other, publishing related news. It will also work as academic institutions and scientific research center. 

2. Google will provide “Free public WI-FI”

Are you excited for this? I mean nobody will point out a bad image if any company offers Free Public WI-FI. Google Company said in this event that they will expand this program for providing free WI-FI where there is no internet connectivity. For this work, they deal with BSNL. Google is sure that BSNL will enable them to provide fast, reliable and secure free Wi-Fi service. For this Google selected the villages of Maharashtra, Bihar and Gujarat.

3. Collaborate with “Vodafone-Idea” for Google Assistance

This is too difficult for people lived in a rural area to get the answer of their query. As they are still facing issues of internet connectivity, they don’t have the fast internet facility. Google has done something for them, I hope you like it. They shake hands with Vodafone-Idea for bringing the Google Assistant in rural areas who are facing internet connectivity issues. They can simply dial the 000-800-9191-000 directly to Google and can get the answer of every query related to sports, weather, traffic and so on. This service is for every Vodafone idea customers if they are still operating 2G network and unable to find answer through internet. 

4. Google Assistant will support preferred Indian language

We all know about Google Assistant from now it will support nine Indian languages. To use this it is required to set their preferred language in their smartphones to use. Google has introduced with a good change as from now you will be able to use local language just by saying “Hey Google, talk to me in Hindi”. Google also said that they are going to introduce this feature first on Android, AndroidGo and KaiOS devices.

5. Google introduce something related to Google Pay business 

Well, I guess everyone is using Google Pay app on their smartphones. In the event Google for India, Google share an important features for merchants. So let me share the changes regarding Google Pay. Tech-giant Google has a special version for you all and I hope you start liking it again as it allows small merchants and storefronts to enable digital payment in a more effective way. Now you people can’t see the process of digital payment take too much time as the verification process can be done shortly.


Congratulations to Google once again for their fifth edition event success. Google always hear what their users want and above features which we explained to you is especially for Indian users. In Google India Event major announcements has been done. Google also announces some gadgets and another important feature. In this event Yossi Matias, VP of Engineering at Google said that “Putting our technology to work to help people in the face of crisis is something that we’re passionate about. Together with our partners in India we will continue to invest in AI-powered flood forecasts.”

Overall we can say that Google is trying to make the strong bond with India. If such type of updates and features start working so we hope Google once again wins the heart of Indian users.

This is all about the Google event for India. We will be back with another updates. Get in touch with us for more interesting articles. Till then keep reading, keep sharing!!!