LinkedIn launches new Skills Assessment tool
LinkedIn launches new Skills Assessment

Many of you reading this blog are looking for a job in a high-profile Company. Well for that makes sure you stay connected with topmost social media platforms because these days users always find the right job according to their desire and profile with the help of social media platforms. I guess if I ask from you about the social media platforms to get the right job then you can reveal many names but it is important to know the right platform according to your profile. So why don’t you spend your time on social media platform called LinkedIn. Today in this article I am talking about LinkedIn just because a new tool has been added for the job seekers. So let’s go ahead and try to know what it is.

LinkedIn the Microsoft-owned company introduced a Skill Assessment tool

This platform is basically for those who need a job in any profile. Whether it is for designing profile, developer, or sales and marketing. It is the best opportunity because it always creates an alarming situation for every user who need job. I think most of you know about the LinkedIn that it is one the best proven platform for job seekers.

LinkedIn launched a new skill assessment tool for their employer as well as candidates. This tool will surely make the recruitment process simple for any companies.

Without any doubt you can find the right job at right time because best openings come first at LinkedIn. Many updates, new features and motivational posts keep this platform alive and this new introducing tool called Skill Assessment will definitely increase the number of users.

Sometimes these wider platforms have major negative points too. We all know the platform is too big for the users and it has unlimited features; sometimes it is harder to track and verify the details. The tool called Skill Assessment has the power to verify certain people skills in different-different areas. Employers can easily find those candidates.

How Skill Assessment Tool will work?

Suppose you are searching for a job in developer profile then Skill assessment will show you the questions related to Java, C++ and all. Here you all see a short test with multiple-choice questions. The test will check your knowledge or you can verify your knowledge in the areas like Computer language, software packages and also other work-related skills. Once you clear this test you will get the badge on your profile. With this badge you can get the right job opening notification and also employer will be quickly able to identify you according to their need and your skill proficiency. 

To get the badge you need at least 70% marks. If you get below 70% then it means you are failed. In that case you need to wait for three months to re-attempt. And if you are pass then every year you have to take the test to keep your badge safe.

This new tool will help LinkedIn to get candidates and employer’s attention. The feature was introduced last week by LinkedIn and it also highlights that 2 million tests has been taken till now and this actually indicate how this tool is helpful for you all. 

Most of the time it is too difficult to find the right job and same for employers to find the right candidate at right time. According to a report LinkedIn has over 575+ million users, with more than 260 million monthly active users. Of those LinkedIn users who are engaging with the platform monthly, 40% access their account on daily basis and more than ninety percent of recruiters search the LinkedIn member database to find the right candidates. With the help of this report you can understand the LinkedIn span all over the world.

Rival of LinkedIn platform regarding this special tools

A platform will always stay stable in its position until a rival come and take their places. We are here talking about the platform of LinkedIn who is facing its rival named Triplebyte.

Let me share how this platform is a rival of LinkedIn? Triplebyte is a platform for engineers where a company wants to hire engineers only. Every engineer who is reading this blog and looking for a job must follow the guidelines of Triplebyte platform which is best for you all. Basically the platform Triplebyte just only focuses on software engineering. So such platforms can be the rival of LinkedIn

Another rival of LinkedIn can be ‘Indeed’. It also rolled out same Assessment test feature earlier. Now these assessment test looks like the compulsory and important like having college degree.

Final words…

Including LinkedIn, Indeed and Triplebyte we strongly believe only college degree is not enough you must have the right skill for the right profile. With the help of Skill Assessment you can show your skill to the employer and they also find the right candidate in less time.

This is all about the new assessment tool. Hopefully some more interesting feature will launch by LinkedIn to maintain their usability and popularity also. Till then keep reading folks and get in touch with us more updates.