Google’s birthday

Let’s come together and wish Google, a very happy birthday. Yes guys. It’s Google’s birthday today. The biggest search engine giant “Google” is celebrating its 21st birthday with a doodle. If you don’t know what “Google Doodle” is, let me tell you.  A Google doodle is a product of Google that appears temporarily on special occasion in place of Google’s permanent logo on the homepage for 24 hours. The doodle marks significant festivals, people, achievement, and holidays. 

Do you want to know when first ever Google doodle was made? The first-ever Google doodle was made in honor of the Burning man festival (The USA) in 1998. However, Google’s birthday’s date is not fixed. In 2005 it marked its birthday on September 8 then September 26 and now today its September 27. It is like a mystery as the date keeps on changing.

Google’s birthday

Let’s understand the mystery behind Google’s birthday

As we know that Google was founded by two Stanford Ph.D. students Sergey Brin and Larry Page, 21 years ago in September in 1998. Now, it operates all over the world in over 100 languages. As I told you above Google celebrate its birthday with a doodle which has a desktop computer showing a Google search screen.

However, the search engine celebrates its birth anniversary today but earlier September 27 is not always its official date. Earlier the website celebrated its birthday on 26 September, and in 2004 the date was September 7, in 2003, the date was September 8, respectively. But since 2006, September 27 has been the date that has been used to mark the occasion i.e. the birthday of Google.

So, what the exact date of Google’s birthday? The Google doodle shows a Google search screen which shows a timestamp which also dated ’98 9 27’. Now, it’s confirmed that Google celebrates its birthday on 27 September every year.

Do you know how Google name was invented?

Till now, I have been talking about Google and its birthday dates, but here I will talk about how Google name was discovered. Let’s discuss.

Back in 1998, Brin and Page (founder of Google) published a paper about launching an archetype of a “large scale search engine”. “We chose our system name, Google, because it is a common spelling of Googol, or 10100 and fits well with our goal of building very large-scale search engines,” mentioned by founders.

At present, Google answers trillions of search queries every year across the world. We should thank Brin and Page who discovered Google and made our work simple and effective. It’s been 21 years of Google came into force and we can see the major change in our lives that have been brought by Google. The scale of Google is very high and large.

5 crazy facts about Google.

  1. Google’s first office was a garage owned by Susan Wojcicki.
  2. At starting Susan Wojcicki was Google’s first marketing manager and now working with YouTube as a CEO.
  3. Per day Google got more than one billion search query and which is handled by approx. 1 million computers.
  4. Google’s first Doodle was about Burning Man stick figure created in 1998.
  5. The name Google was put accidentally otherwise its founder wanted to keep it name ‘Goggle’.

Celebrate the Google’s 21st birthday with this interesting fact. We wish Google very happy birthday.

Happy 21st birthday, Google!!!

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