IOS 13 and iPad OS affected by keyboard bug
IOS 13 and iPad OS affected by keyboard bug

I guess most of you are operating third-party keyboard for your daily use in your smartphones or on iPad. Well, now get ready to face a big trouble if you are an Apple user. The Company warns every user who operates third-party keyboard that there is a bug in iOS 13 version and on the iPad operating system. Shocking! It’s not a joke guys. Last week Apple introduced iOS 13 version and iPad OS and suddenly we got to know that a bug in these versions is creating an issue for the Apple users.

Read more to know what Apple Company has to say on this bug issue and what are the solutions have been offered by them for its users.

Once again Apple is in trouble with unstoppable bugs!

Don’t take this situation lightly folks as such kinds of bug can create a serious problem for you by getting access in your mobile phone or your Apple iPad. Of course, we all want to stay away from the bug, but if such situation happens then it is seriously a hectic moment for everyone. Recently, every Apple lover moved on from security flaw in iOS 13 version. Once again the bug issue created a problem for you all. I don’t know how Apple will overcome this problem which happened yesterday. Let me share more details so that you get to know more about this bug issue. So, keep reading till the end- 

Does it impact every Apple user who operates iOS 13 version? 

Let’s face this, Apple is again in controversy due to bug problem as they have launched the iOS 13 version on 19th September and new OS of iPad on 24th September 2019. It will be the worst moment for the Company to face such an issue in starting days. 

Read the justification statement given by Apple – “Apple justifies that they are working on this problem and will soon fix it as they will soon update you with new software.” One more important point to note here is that if you have a third-party keyboard in your smartphone then you can face this issue. If you are not using third-party keyboard then feel relief because you are safe from the bug issue here. 

Apple warned its users about the bug issue. Let’s understand.

If a company like Apple accepts this bug issue and creates an alarming situation for everybody who are their smartphone lovers then this is the best decision folks. Apple said that these third-party keyboard apps sometimes want full access from your mobile phones or iPad. 

The reason for full access is to present additional features for the users that require network access. The current situation which is going on is iPhone makers find out the bug and said such bugs gain “full access”. Also, if users don’t accept the access, still they can operate what they want. iPhone makers said that such bug can create big issues, but still, I have a question in mind that why the company has not shared any special details of “How such bug able to achieve success?” I think this must be shared by Apple so that next time users always stay alert from all this issues.

What Apple said about it? Keep your eyeball here too.

I will share what the Apple Company wrote in a blog. They said “This issue does not impact Apple’s built-in keyboard. It also doesn’t impact third-party keyboard that don’t make use of full access. The issue will be fixed soon in an upcoming software update.” 

So it’s a big problem for those who operate third-party keyboard app but don’t have any guarantee that if the app wants to get full access or not. Do you think that Apple lovers will operate your next version if it is going to create such situations like this? I can’t say about the future but right now users should keep patience because there is no such other better option for you. 

Solution to stay away from the bug that needs “full access”.

Most common third-party keyboard apps were Grammarly, Gboard and Swiftkey and I think because of their popularity, you accept their “Full access” permission. I will suggest you to remove your third-party keyboard app as soon as possible. 

It should be removed from your iPhones and from iPad. If you want to find a third-party keyboard app then- 

  1. Go to the Setting app first
  2. After that General>keyboard>keyboards. 

Remember this process is for both smartphones and iPad users. We expect that Apple will fix this problem soon by introducing the version 13.2 iOS for Apple smartphones and next iPad operating system version. 


In the final note, I just want to say that iOS 13 will only impact users who have a third-party keyboard installed on their iPhone or iPad. And if you don’t have the third party keyboard installed, then you have nothing to worry about. Apple also says that bug doesn’t affect Apple’s built-in keyboards, nor does it impact keyboards that don’t make use of full access. However, users who have been affected by this bug have to wait for the solution. Apple has already said that bug will be fixed in an upcoming software updates. Till then users can mitigate the issue by temporarily uninstalling third-party keyboard.

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