Huawei is ready to work on 6G project
Huawei is ready to work on 6G project

China and its companies are the ones who just leave their success points in every country. No doubt the country and its companies worked in every state or in every country because they have the power to deal with everyone. One of the companies, I will mention here which is very popular because of its innovative work in every field of technology. No, wait, because of its controversies. And you know which company is that? It’s Huawei. Shocked!! But who cares, we got to know that the company will deal with 6G project soon.

One more project opted by Huawei, is it right time?

I never saw any other company getting such positive and negative points everywhere like this. First, it became the victim of the US, when the US announced that they are removing China Company Huawei from the US and even they started high tariffs on China product and companies. Even the company is going to be banished by India because they want the 5G project but don’t want to give it to Huawei. I don’t think so China cares about all such matters today because they are happy with their contract of 6G which is going on. Let’s try to understand the whole story. So keep reading if you want to know one more rumor about Huawei Company.

Huawei’s announcement about 6G project.

We people are talking about 5G and its features that are going on but never expected that 6G is ready to launch and company like Huawei working on the project like this. The Company Huawei announced that the work on the 6G project will begin in the R and D center. They are also too busy for their 5G project because a few days back we got to know from tech-giant that Huawei Company got 5G project from almost 30 nations. 

After getting such bad reviews from the US and New Zealand, they are still the one who gets such access to the project of 5G. The Huawei company key players are working on this as they already living in the UK, Sweden, and South Korea. Now, the question arises here is that, if 5G project still pending then how they can manage to introduce 6G projects? I know they are good employee’s key player company but I think they should complete the recent project instead of jumping on the next step. 

Expectation related to 5G and 6G projects.

Huawei is a company who is playing a leading role from being mainstreaming of 5G to going further in its recent task, but how can you go further when your recent task is incomplete? According to a research we got to know that the 5G project still needs two-years from the mainstream to complete this project. So, this year it is not possible to introduce 5G and even it can take next year for sure. The expectation for the 6G project would be 2030. 

I think here Huawei creating a big problem for themselves as Company has invested around $4 billion in 2009 for 5G project to launch. The company has many such things related to 5G like chipsets of 5G, routers, smartphones and transport network. If you are still working on 5G, how you will manage the 6G project that’s the question. They announced about 6G projects but that’s good that they have not revealed the actual date till now.

Statement of Joe Kelly about these projects.

Joe Kelly is a Vice-president, International Media Affair at Huawei and he said “We are not done with 4G anymore than we are done with 5G because you see us improving. We still sell 3G in various part of the world because that’s what they have. But the 3G that we sell today is much better than what we sold four years ago because some of the breakthrough development that we do for 4G,5G can be applied to 3G as well. Even though it is an older technology, it can always be maintained” 


In this article we tried to include all information about 5G and 6G. We must say Huawei has strength to fight against rumors. As you all know they got contract of 5G from more than 30 countries is the best example and also they started working on 6G. They also announced in Mobile World Congress 2019 that more than 150,000 5G stations are shipped globally and by the end of 2019 approx. 500,000 stations has to ship. But here Huawei need to work with special strategy then 6G will be the possible on time. It’s good that they are working something beyond the 5G.

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