Google removes 85 hidden Adware apps.

The process of installing and uninstalling the applications will never come to an end. We saw most of the apps launch daily with the promise to provide the outstanding features and security but as always they fail and there were many reasons behind their failure. Some applications show too many ads which disturb users and some applications access your contact or SMS without giving permission that’s the reason behind their failure. Not only users uninstall the app but sometimes Google also remove some apps from the play store permanently. Google always remove those applications which are not good for users.

Again tech giant Google wins users heart.

In our previous article, we talked about the Google play store apps that there are many applications related to editing photos which are removed by Google. Reason is they want to access to your Gmail account and Contact which is of no use to them and that’s the reason you will never find those applications again in your play store. Recently we get to know an issue regarding the removing applications of Google that it removes around 85 applications from the Google Play store just because of hidden Adware. Let’s understand this and try to know what exactly the matter is? Why Google did this?  

Due to hidden adware some apps removed by Google.

It’s an obvious that Google has the power to remove those applications which are of no use to the user or that can create an issue in user’s smartphones. Another great job tech giant did as it removed 85 problematic apps. Some of them were photography applications and many were gaming apps. The fact is more than 8 million of users download these applications in their smartphones because they have no idea regarding anything related to adware. Even I can also share some name of those applications which are a quite popular one for you and that are-

  • Super Selfie
  • Cos Camera
  • Pop Camera
  • One Stroke Line Puzzle
  • Photo Background eraser
  • Color House 2019
  • Blur Photo Editor

Google already removed those applications from play store. Now you can’t see those apps again in play store. If you are still using it kindly uninstall it as soon as possible.

How these apps are problematic?

This is important to understand for all those who operate Android mobile phones.  According to a source we get to know that such 85 application hide their icon when you install it and even they can make a shortcut automatically to the home screen after 30 minutes of installation.

This kind of things can be difficult for all of you if you operate these applications. I think you all get to know how these apps are dangerous if you install it by chance. One more thing these mobile applications also operate the Java reflection which plays its role to help these applications to inspect the behavior of a given application. When you open these apps it shows full screen ad. These ads are not easy to close or skip. During closing this unfortunately we click on given links. At last to close the advertisement you have to close the app or sometimes restart the phone. There is one more thing I want to mention here that this type of ad will affect only old version android phone. No need to worry those who is using latest Android version.

What you need to do to keep your phone safe?

Always read the reviews and watch the rating. If app is safe to use then definitely you can see the positive reviews of previous users. Sometimes people don’t read the reviews and directly they download the applications of play store. This type of mistakes always creates issue.


Finally Google again proves that it is one of the biggest platforms who care for their users. It’s quite shocking that 8 million users had operated such hidden adware applications. To prevent these type of action in future Google already has taken some strict decision. Now developers can’t launch their app in play store directly. They have to wait for three days for the approval from Google. This is the good news for those who operated those apps that their data is safe and such applications you can’t operate again. Thanks to Google again.

We will be back with another updates, till then get in touch with us.