“Equiano” A new private cable project by Google
“Equiano” A new private cable project by Google

Many businesses just run because of Google support. Google also have the power to shut down the businesses. In our previous article, I already shared about the service of Airtel and Vodafone. I will here reveal that Search Engine Giant is Google and I don’t remember any single month where it never introduced any advanced technology for us. Not only in India, for other European countries too. We can operate such concepts and get to know their exceptional features. Words are not enough to describe the importance of Google. It plays its role very well for us.

Today I am here to tell you about another service, launched by Google. It is especially for people who live in Africa and Europe continent. Big news for you all, Google launched “Equiano” a new subsea cable that is going to connect people of Africa and Europe. Let me explain something more about it to clear your doubts. So keep reading this article.

Get insight of “Equiano” first subsea cable project.

  • Google put the name of this subsea project on a Nigerian born writer and abolitionist.
  • Equiano project is fully funded by Google.
  • It is about to make the reach of internet network globally.
  • Currently Google is working on this project and expected to go live by 2021. It has three-touch points; it is just to boost the cloud computing infrastructure.
  • It is called to be the first subsea cable which shows you the use of switching at the fiber pair level. The cable called “Equiano” is termed as the first cable launch by Google, stretching from Africa to Europe.
  •   It has 20 times more capacity from the last cables. 
  • According to your need you can add and reallocate it in different location easily.
  • Now next is about the branch, Nigeria is expected to be its first branch. It connects the cable to Lagos, Nigeria.

How Much Google is investing on “Equiano”?

This is one of the biggest projects of Google so they fully funded as it is the company third private international cable. The Company Google has invested around $47 billion to make this project globally. By this project Google will improves its global technology infrastructure. Equiano is called out to be the first subsea cable where switching is possible by fiber pair level in place of traditional approach of wavelength-level switching.

Something more related to the “Equiano” Project.

Google did a good job of signing the contract with Alcatel Submarine Networks to build the cable. The contract was signed in 2018. They are sure that the first phase of the project which is to connect South Africa with Portugal gets completed in the year 2021. I will tell you another biggest achievement of Google, this year they completed the project called “Curie” which is just a private intercontinental cable. The project is for connecting Chile to Los Angeles.

Even Google also highlights about their biggest project of next year in 2020. The project name “Dunant” transatlantic submarine cable project and that is between France and the United States. We are sure that this 6,600 km service will get access and again we will feel proud Google.  


Continuously Google is working on cable project to enhance the connectivity globally. Google is investing a big amount of money to fast service of internet globally. With the help of “Equiano”, Google wants to connect Africa with Europe. It is expected to be live in 2021. After Dunant and Curie it is third private international cable and 14th subsea cable. Here you can also notice after reading the article is that Google is keeping the name of all  project on famous personality and also following the alphabetical order A, B, C, D and now E; just like its Android release.

If we get any news update regarding that, we will inform you. Get in touch with us for more updates.