Your Disney+ account have been HACKED!!!
Your Disney+ account have been HACKED!!!

We all know that Disney launched its streaming device called Disney+ this year dated on 12 November. The device Disney+ was actually launched as a rival of Netflix and various other streaming devices. People were eagerly waiting for this device to launch as they wanted to take advantage of this live streaming device which will provide them services to access to Disney favorite, Walt Disney Studios, Twentieth Century Fox, Lucas film, plus content from Pixar, Marvels, Star Wars, and National Geographic.

For this reason, millions of people made their account on Disney+, but soon their accounts were hacked by hackers. Shocking, right? Well, it is true guys; soon after the launch of Disney+, thousands of users are claiming that their accounts hacked. Do you want to know how it all happened? What hackers did with users data? Just read the entire article to know more on this matter.

Disney+ users accounts being hacked by hackers 

Let me tell you guys that Disney+ is one of the cheapest streaming devices out there in the market. However, soon after its launch, it was reported that many users’ accounts have been hacked by hackers. This news was published on Monday. Users whose accounts are hacked shared their frustration on Twitter and other social media platforms by saying that it’s happening because of some technical glitches and poor customer services.

A Disney+ user Jack Steen said on Twitter, “2 days in and my @Disneyplus account was already hacked and stolen”, “And hack is so stupid and simple to perform”.

Users of Disney+ are complaining that they have completely lost access to their accounts after hackers logged them out after changing the password.

Emrielle Shenher (Disney+ user) told Global News that she woke up to an email Sunday indicating that her Disney+ password had been changed. And after logging into the Disney+ app, she found several new viewers profiles on her account and that despite changing her password several times.

According to Tech News website, ZDNet in a story published that it had found thousands of Disney+ accounts were either being offered for free or sold online across several hacking forums.

What can be reasons behind the hacking of Disney+ account?

There can be many reasons behind the hacking of Disney+ plus account so after reading various posts I got to know some reasons given below-

  • User of Disney+ account claim that the services of Disney+ are not good that’s why accounts are being hacked.
  • Many users used new ID and password for setting up their account, but online data analysts say accounts getting hacked because people use the same password for different sites.
  • In an interview with BBC News, Cyberlnt lead researcher Jason Hill said that many of the accounts were stolen because users probably used the same password across different sites. Hackers may take passwords from websites that have previously been hacked and try them on new sites or platforms such as Disney+.

Hacked Disney+ accounts data being sold on “Dark Web”!

So let me tell you first what Dark Web is. Dark Web is untraceable online activity or website on the internet. These websites are used to keep illegal activities hidden. Here, hackers are selling thousands of Disney+ accounts on the black market which have appeared on the Dark Web and these hacked accounts are being sold for $3, other are going for as much as $11.

As per investigation report given by Tech Site ZDNet, hackers have stolen thousands of customer’s accounts credential and put them up for sale on the dark web. Many customers say they have waited hours to have their accounts restored, but without resolution.

Moreover, The BBC also found several hacked customer’s accounts for sale on the Dark Web.

Now read what Disney said on this matter.

You will be amazed to know guys that Disney rejects any suggestions that its user’s account being hacked. In a statement, the company said, “We have found no evidence of a security breach”. They also told that Disney takes the privacy and security of our users’ data very seriously and there is no indication of a security breach on Disney+.

Also in a statement to Global News, Disney did not confirm whether or not the accounts on its platform were being hacked, but said there was no sign of a security breach on Disney+. The company also says that Personal accounts can be locked if the studio detects any suspicious activity.

The bottom line!  

Folks, if you’re a Disney+ user then you are fully aware of the matter whether your account is being hacked or not, but as per Disney’s report there is no such hacking sign found. The company said if anything happens like this they generally locks user’s account and asks them to reset their password if its systems spot suspicious login activity. If Disney is claiming that it has found no hacking sign then why users’ accounts are being hacked and why they’re sharing their frustration over social media?

May be Disney is trying to save its company’s reputation. What do you think? Kindly comment below to let us know about your views. Till then get in touch with us for more updates.