Google Calendar Spam
Google Calendar Spam

From past few months we noticed several cases of spamming. Nowadays Spammers are active which is creating a big problem for us and also responsible for not to staying on any platform. Most of the users use some of the application and deleted the rest of the other because they don’t want to be the victim of spammers. Such third-party share links and just wants that users to click on such links. When they click of course, they hack all such information. You all get many such messages like “Win an iPhone in just Rs 1”. This is just a hacking technique nothing else. Well, I must say now this type of technique you can look at the Google Calendar.

Google raises an issue related to its Calendar that they know it is indulge in conducting spam files which should be avoided by every user. Another spamming case came in light in the form of Google calendar. Users are not aware with this spam and they are using it frequently as they found it authentic. Google calendar show some spam messages and no doubt many of you have click over that link or message. Google already raised their voice and said to avoid such messages and do not click on given links. They are working diligently to fix it soon.

What Google said on Google Calendar spam? 

Let me share what Google said related to spam problem occurring by the Google Calendar “We are aware of spam occurring in Calendar and they are working diligently to resolve this issue. We will post an update to this thread as they become available. Learn how to report and remove the spam if you want to. Thank you for your patience”. With this, Google also wants its users to not to apply or click on any spam messages no matter what they are offering. All such messages are totally fake. They also show you messages of spam to earn some amount of money so what you have to do, just avoid it. 

You can report such spam messages, learn how?

Sometimes we got ads with including some links, then what we do? Mostly we clicked on that or somehow we just close it or ignore it, is it right! If it is then I must suggest, we all need to report such advertisement or messages to Google. This will help to recognize spams. So let’s understand how to report these spam? Whenever you saw any such messages and you think that it is totally fake and can create an issue for you if you click on it. Just follow these steps to report. 

  • After opening your computer, go directly to Google Calendar and open it.
  • You saw many such event messages in your file. Just double click on particular event which you would like to report.
  • After that click on three dots, you will get an option ‘More Action’.
  • Click on More Action then simply click on Report as Spam. Now it’s done.

Do you want to send Feedback regarding Google Calendar spam? 

Most of the users are fed up from all such spam invites and they are looking to send feedback regarding such issue. This is the right step. You need to share each and every detail regarding problem. For this you can send Feedback to Google also you can share the ideas “how to deal with” if you have. If you want to send feedbacks then follow below steps-

  • First open Google Calendar from your computer
  • Your next job is to go to the area in Calendar that you want to send Feedback
  • Watch at the top right, you have to click on Support.
  • You have to follow all such instructions related to fill Feedback then click on send feedback.

Do you want to disable “Automatically add invites”?

Sometimes you saw your Calendar is filled with repeated events. You need to delete it, but how? Let me share the steps of removing events.

  • First open Google Calendar
  • At upper right corner click on Cong and after that hit setting
  • You can see “Event Setting” in the list on left side, just click on it.
  • Now you see an option “Automatically add invitations”. You need to change it with “No, only show invitations to which I have responded”. 

Final thoughts.

We never expected such scams done by spammers. In this article we tried to mention each and every detail regarding Google Calendar scam and also some tips to save you. Now no such platforms are safe, you have to stay alert every time. Don’t click on links available in advertisements, try to avoid surfing unusual websites. Google said that they are looking for the solution because they heard many such problems regarding Google Calendar so they will fix it soon but no timeline has been shared. So keep patience folks.

We will update you if we get any further information regarding this. Till then keep reading and get in touch with us.