India Mobile Congress 2019
India Mobile Congress 2019

Is it a good idea to attend the special events or special expo instead of getting information with the help of the internet? Yes, it is, I am sure that you all know the reason behind attending this event. Good connection for the business is not an easy task. In my point of view every business man and tech enthusiast should take the advantage of this event. By doing this you can make connections and can grabs some knowledge related to your business. This type of expo happens every year. The best thing of attending such special expo is that there they discuss what new update you gonna watch out, what special topics they will discuss, which can enable every entrepreneur to keep increasing the growth of the business. Suppose your all business depends on Artificial Intelligence or Internet of Things concept so you must be part of these events related to such technology where you get to know some more changes.

Good news for you all that the event “India Mobile Congress” which we all are waiting from long time is ready to be held in our country India. Want to know something more about this event? I am going to share some details regarding this expo. Keep an eye into this article till end.

The Objective of “India Mobile Congress”.

Are you interested to know how the India Mobile Congress ready to make a huge platform for you? You gonna see that it support to shift India from the technology consumer to an exporter which is quite an important concept these days. Is it good that the event called India Mobile Congress ready to promote local manufacturing? Yes it is because when you attend this expo then here you will like to see that how they promote the local manufacturing for you.

They are ready to make a huge platform for the ICT and TMT sector as they are ready to show some advanced concepts to encourage the R and D efforts for the above sector. The theme of this event is “New digital horizons connect, create, innovate.” Many more topics they are ready to share with you like manufacturing enduring industry connection, about the mechanical arrangement, contextual investigation and some other workshop. This is all up to you that how you will take such knowledge related to your business.

Where and when the event will happen?

We have seen many expo of digital technology. This type expo creates a hub for tech enthusiast. The event “India Mobile Congress” is going to happen in India. This is the golden opportunity to take part in this expo for everyone to know what exactly the expo is. The event starts from 14th to 16th October 2019 and it will take place in Aerocity, New Delhi. The event “India Mobile Congress” is one of the largest technology forums in South Asia. If you are interested to know that who organized this event then let me tell you the event will be organized by the department of Telecommunication and Cellular Operator Association of India.

What is the role of this event?

Basically, every event organized with many motives but here we are discussing about the Indian Mobile Congress, here you will see that it is a platform to bring together Industry, Government and Academia. You will watch out some new expert of the technology whose gonna show you some innovative concept for your business to expand it more. India Mobile Congress will show you the platform of more than 300 exhibitors, approx. 80,000 visitors and more than 1000 national and international media. Can you imagine in this event more than 10 countries are going to participate. Now you can imagine the reach of this global event. There is no doubt to say that you are able to make a good connection which can change your complex process of business into simple. It is not only one of the biggest technology events as the event “India Mobile Congress” is also said to be the biggest networking platform of India.


On a concluding note if you are a business entrepreneur, an industrialist, a student of technology or an owner of any startup then this event is for you. Just two days event can help you to know more about the upcoming technology. This is the collaboration of global brands and network. To take part in this event, you have to purchase ticket. To know more about the entry and participation kindly visit the official website. Get in touch with us to keep an eye on update.