Amazon Prime holder' beware with this scam
Amazon Prime holder' beware with this scam

I don’t think so I have to ask from everybody that “Are you Amazon Prime Holder” or not. Reason behind is that everybody loves online shopping from Amazon. Its feature is completely unique and comfortable. According to my personal shopping experience no platform can match this level. The features, products, design and easy access all you found here, it’s hard to find same in anyone else. Strong rival of Amazon is Flipkart but still, Amazon is on top. Here I am talking about Amazon’s positivity but this article is all about the Amazon’s email scam. So read the article till last to know more.

Phishing scam may hack the account of Amazon Prime holder.

What if we check about the security aspect? Well in this matter we found a loophole in Amazon. A new phishing scam is trending today in which it targets the Amazon prime holders by sending e-mails of account block. Yes, I am speaking the truth this is actually happen. Few months back we got to know about another security problem and once again Amazon is in controversies related to the security aspect. This is for those users who are permanent Amazon Prime Holder and they run their account when they look to purchase something. In this Scam criminal send the mass e-mail to focus to click on given links in mail. If you click on that link then they able to use your account. This phishing mails look very similar to Amazon’s company’s mail but it is not from Amazon’s side.

How this Phishing scam is dangerous for Amazon Prime Holders.

These days a tough situation going on for the Amazon Prime Holder as they are becoming a victim of a Phishing scam where you just click one time and your details get leaked and it creates huge loss to you.

  • @ Such a smart game, hackers are playing with all Amazon prime holders as they request Amazon customers in their emails to log-in their account with given link to continue shopping. You all know how dangerous that link can be if you just click one time.
  • @ Basically, such mails of phishing scam just want to create fear in users that their Amazon account will get locked if they don’t read the guidelines or not following the instruction which has written in the email.
  • @ Once you click on link then you will reach on the replica of Amazon site which is run by the criminals. After that if you enter your password and username there then criminal use this to completely hack and misuse of your account.
  • @ Amazon already informed its users who are permanent members that Company has not send any such emails to you personally.
  • @ Even they advise everyone not to click on any links which they presented and if so please delete that mail soon.

Those hackers or criminals are so clever that they play smartly to get all such information of your bank or something else and create a hectic moment for you in the future.

Solution suggested by the Amazon to get rid out of it.

Well, such phishing scam tries to replicate a genuine Amazon communication which is hard to guess whether it’s a right one or not. Even you can check that subject line of emails try to showcase the message as a system generate that is “Automatic statement”.

We get to know that such fraud mails come with a word attachment and with a file name called “Account-Summary Amazon”. You will see that attachment is safe but what about the link? The link you gonna see in Word file redirect users to a fake Amazon website. Only motive is just to steal your log-in ID and Password.

Amazon suggested to their customer that if they got any such mail regarding issues and rewards then directly login to your account by app. In Amazon app you have the option to chat with customer care. Go there and directly ask to them about issues and reward programme.

Amazon also cleared that they never ask about the customers credentials like account details, credit card number, username and password.

They also mentioned that if you got any mail from Amazon, kindly check their language and typo errors because generally these types of fraud mails are translated from other languages and without doing proof read they sent. Simply you can say this type of mail contains lot of mistakes which Amazon never do. 


Amazon Company should also secure their platform with all such matter so that next time no such scam can think about spreading fraud mails to the users. This is not the first time when users are facing such problems. Now we can say that even shopping websites are also not safe, hackers are ruling there and wants your credential information at any cost. Right now Amazon is facing very bad situation. This can also ruin their market. All users need to pay attention on Amazon’s suggestion which I mentioned above.

We will update you if any further information we got. Till then keep reading and get in touch with us.