ISRO received warning for possible cyber-attack
ISRO received warning for possible cyber-attack

Yes guys, you read it right. Indian Space Research Organization received a warning or an alert of a possible cyberattack on its system early this year.  According to report, it is claimed that the ISRO received warning at the time of launching Chandrayaan-2 spacecraft’s Vikram lander on the moon. ISRO has been in news since the time of the launch of Chandrayaan-2. As you have already read this time it’s not about any launch or specific project rather it’s about the attack of hackers from North Korea.

So, let’s read the whole warning matter below.

ISRO was attacked by North Korean hackers at the time of Chandrayaan-2

According to Daily Mail reports, it was suspected that North Korean hackers attacked the space agency. And cyber experts said that the Indian Space Research Organization was one of the government agencies to come under attack.

However, the official from the Indian Space Research Organization agency denied that the attack impacted the Moon mission which ended in failure and eventually India lost the contact with the spacecraft.

The report on cyber-attack on ISRO basically came after the Nuclear Power Corporation of India (NPCIL) confirmed the presence of malware in its system at the Kudankulam nuclear plant, which has been traced to North Korean’s DTrack.

But according to Financial Times Report, ISRO was warned of the cyberattack during the Chandrayaan-2 moon mission in September.

According to an Indian Express (IE) report, it is claimed that Kudankulam Nuclear Power Point (KNPP) in Tamil Nadu was also attacked by infamous North Korean Hackers group, Lazarus before attacking ISRO.

Let’s read where ISRO got the alert from

Indian Space Research Organization (ISRO) official confirmed that they got an alert from the Computer Emergency Response Team, India (CERT-In), but the space agency wasn’t affected.

According to Yash Kadakia, founder of Mumbai based cyber security firm security Brigade, “he had evidences of emails with malware sent to the five government agencies, including ISRO, from suspected North Korean hackers. They targeted senior officials with emails that had malware attachments relevant to their subject.”

Kadakia said if malware would install successfully, then it could have hijacked the email identity of the recipient and in turn to be used to send mails to juniors.

As per Quint report, an official of ISRO said, “I can only comment that we also got the alert…our cybersecurity team got into action, they checked the whole thing and we were unaffected”. 

How this attack was conducted?

Experts believed that the attack was conducted using DTrack. It is a type of malware which is linked to Lazarus group which is believed by the US authorities to be controlled by the North Korean government.

According to cyber security firm Kaspersky report, the malware has been detected in financial institutions and research centers in 18 Indian states. 

Final words!

Guys I just want to say that there is no need to worry about the cyber security attack on ISRO because it didn’t harm the launch of Chaandryaan-2 as informed by experts.

Financial Times report said that this is not the first time, apart from ISRO, four other important government agencies, including India’s Atomic Energy Regulatory Board, have been attacked in recent months.

However, ISRO agency has to be careful in future for its upcoming space projects because these attackers or hackers can be harmful for their specific missions. Experts and officials need to take some measures to ensure the security of their space craft mission in future.

If any news regarding ISRO or these attackers we get then we will update you soon. Till then get in touch with us.