YouTube CEO apologizes to users
YouTube CEO apologizes to users

Ask to every video maker that which is the best platform for them where they can highlight themselves publicly and they will reveal only one name “YouTube”. This video sharing platform is the best option for every video maker because billions of users operate this app in their smartphones. But I never expected that YouTube will start creating issues for its permanent members and upcoming video makers. I tell you what the current situation is with YouTube. We all know the verification process policy for uploading videos on this platform. Now YouTube has totally changed its verification policy for its channel operators who work by uploading videos for their subscribers.

The Blog is not ending yet, I will tell you what the new policy is. So, keep reading.

New YouTube verification policy shared on company’s blog post.

From now onwards, the current YouTubers  who has less than 100, 000 viewers, are not allowed to  keeping their verification status and also those who wants to apply for the verification must have100,000 viewers. Even YouTube also shared changes in the policy on its website; I hope you all read that. If you don’t then no need to worry let me share what they said in a blog post if you have not read out-

“When viewers come to YouTube, it’s important to know that the channel they are watching is the official presence of the creator, artist, public figure or the company that it represents. With that in mind, we are announcing upcoming changes to our channel verification program starting in late October. There are two parts to the new verification Programme, a new look and new eligibility requirement.”

Will it easy for the YouTubers in future? 

I don’t think so any YouTuber feels happy about this changing policy. We all know that it is too challenging for anyone to grow their channel and to earn checkmark. To do this it needs lots of efforts and time. From now also they have to remove the verification badges for the people who are not supposed to meet heightened new criteria. According to the sources, now the Company verifies properly prominent channel that has “Clear need for proof of authenticity.” This is very clear that YouTubers are not happy with this new verification policy. They don’t want to remove the label of verified. 

Review about changes or What Company CEO said, readout.

I know you know that such changes hurt many YouTubers regarding this policy Programme even of removing batches. So, obviously no such plus point for YouTube now. After getting such kind of views YouTube CEO Susan Wojcicki apologizes for their users and said that

“To our creators and users- I’m sorry for the frustration and hurt that we caused with our new approach to the verification. While trying to make an improvement, we missed the mark. As I write this, we’re working to address your concern and we’ll have more updates soon.”

Earlier procedure to verify your YouTube account

  • You need to sign in first
  • Then go to YouTube and click on “Setting” at the left-hand toolbar. 
  • Now you have to click on “View Additional Features” and then click on Verify.
  • Pick your country residence first and then choose according to your choice whether you want to make a phone call or receive a text for verification. Suppose if you select phone call then click on “Confirm”.
  • Simple, just enter your phone number and confirm it. You will receive six-digit code so please enter those numbers in the text box and then “Submit”. 

So, folks, this was the earlier procedure to verify your YouTube account. Now let me share what changes you have to follow if you want to upload videos in YouTube platform. 

What things you should remember to verify YouTube channel now? 

  • If your channel is verified properly, then it will stay verified till you change the name of your channel. Suppose, you change the name of your channel then your channel is not verified, you need to reapply for the verification. 
  • If you want to know the eligibility to verify your channel then, of course, you must reach to 100,000 subscribers now. When YouTube watch out this then verify that whether your channel is authentic and complete or not. 
  • Always remember that your channel should represent real creator, brand or entity it claims to be. Role of YouTube here is just to check every factor like verify your identity, age of your channel and also ask for additional information. 
  • This is important- your channel must be public here and yes it should have a description, channel icon and also the content too. Also, YouTube will not verify the channels if they receive a request from the channel that attempts to impersonate other creator or brand. 


In the end, I just want to say that the purpose behind the YouTube verification process is only to “reduce confusion about what being verified means”. And YouTube will priorities “prominent channels that have a clear need for proof of authenticity” and specifically those belonging to “highly searched” figures or those have a “strong online presence”. This is the reason that the new verification policy is offending people who don’t have good online presence or a small number of likes or subscribers and that’s why these people will lose their verification checkmarks in October. However, YouTube CEO, Susan Wojcicki left it unclear whether YouTube planned to reverse its verification policy or not.

We will update you soon if we get any information about this. Till then get in touch with us for more updates.