Flutter: App development tool
Flutter Hybrid app development tool

Before knowing the reasons behind the popularity of Flutter we must know what is Flutter? So that you can understand well.

Flutter is basically a hybrid app development frame which is developed by Google and it’s community. It was originally released in May,2017 and it’s a stable release was on May 7, 2019.

It is written using C, C++, Kotlin, Dart and Skia graphics (it also powers chrome). It can work on windows, ios, mac os,Linux, Android and Fuschia OS. It is a cross platform application development framework.

It has widgets for almost everything like Accessibility, Animation and motion, Assets, images and icons, Async-patterns layouts,etc.

Reasons behind Flutter is popular in 2019.

As I have mentioned above flutter is an app development framework. The reasons for its popularity will have two aspects:

1. From View point of end users:

  • -It has well designed animations and rich motion application program interface and creative user interface which aids in user experience
  • -Navigator lets you switch between screens of the applications.

2. From view point of developers


  • -It is a cross platform development framework, flutter codes are reusable in 95% cases. That means you don’t have to write those codes again. It makes app development with flutter faster and efficient. It will save time and resources..
  • -For developers flutter is easy and simple to learn
  • -Flutter is backed by google which releases updates and conducts workshop for developers to make them understand flutter better.
  • -Apps  made with flutter are compatible on all platforms.
  • -Flutter has an efficient testing system  and flutter driver to test applications.
  • -It is also popular because it  is based on DART. It is an easy language, so developers do not need descriptive layouts in HTML.
  • -It has diversified theme option. Companies prefer that their apps for android and IOS must look different in all aspects like color, style and appearance. With the help of material design widget it will be easier to build that sort of apps.

Hot reload:

  • -Hot reload feature is efficiency personified. If you change some data, user interface in the app also gets changed during the app running time. You can quickly view your changes in the app. With reload feature it has become easier to experiment with apps and create user interface with new and more features. There is no need to restart.
  • -It has Flutter doctor, which elevates developer experience through system and dependency diagnosis
  • -It has flutter widget instructor which is a powerful tool for visualising and exploring flutter widget trees. Widgets are the building blocks of any app in flutter. This instructor helps in:

a.Understanding existing layouts

b. Diagnosing layout issues

  • -Flutter has semantic widgets which helps developers to customise the accessibility of their app.
  • -Flutter is the only platform which gives the feel of Native react without using Java script bridge.it in turns lessen the issues of performance.

Final Words

We can say flutter is the future of hybrid app development. The pace at which it is gaining popularity due to its compatibility, widgets and performance, it will very soon replace React native from the top software development kit. For more interesting blogs get in touch with us.