WhatsApp Will Stop Working

WhatsApp Will Stop Working on these phones by February 2020!

I feel good when I write something new about trending messaging app WhatsApp. This time I am here and think twice before announcing that WhatsApp is going now. Is WhatsApp will disappear from your smartphones now? I am serious folks, as the current news I got to know regarding WhatsApp is; it will stop working on the mobile phones from February 2020. Not in every smartphone but on those who have an old version of the operating system that they are running from a long period of time.

Do you think it is a final goodbye to WhatsApp or still users have time to improve? Many times companies told you to update your smartphone’s version for your safety but still few people are not paying attention. Even many bloggers have written that to update your smartphones when it is required, but no action has been taken by anyone. If you still don’t update your mobile phone and want to live with your old version then few months are left. Then after WhatsApp will not work on old version phones and this is on a serious note. Let me share some more details so, I guess it can alert you now.

First WhatsApp will stop working on Apple smartphone 

WhatsApp Will Stop Working

If I say the application like Hike has stopped working then you will feel bad but you no need to worry about this. However, it can create a serious problem every day when you get to know WhatsApp will stop working on your mobile soon. Yes, guys, this is bonafide news as we got to know that WhatsApp said that this will not work. Let me share first about the iOS user if you are still using the iOS8 device and have set your mind not to update your phone then you just have few months to use WhatsApp. So, iPhone users will need iOS 9 later to run WhatsApp or rather you can use the latest version of iOS available for your phone, WhatsApp said.

Next year in the month of February, WhatsApp will stop working. They also revealed the date which is on the first day of the Feb month (1st Feb). Do you think that your work will be easier without WhatsApp? Most of the users use WhatsApp more than Facebook or any other social media platforms.

Now it’s time to understand about Android smartphones

Okay, I agree with the fact that the Android operating system is one of the top trending OS globally, but no such popularity can help you to operate WhatsApp from the next month. Of course, if your OS is not updated and you are still happy to operate the old version and keep continuing next year too. Then you’re mistaken guys.

Suppose, you are operating Android 2.3.7 version or if you have older than that then you will be surprised to know that WhatsApp is only available for few months in your smart devices. After that, you need to find the next messaging app for your day to day work. You need to update your OS soon because you can’t make new accounts and yes the situation can be created when you can’t re-verify your current account. So, are you excited about the 1st of February 2020 to come or not? It’s up to you guys.

What WhatsApp wants to say for this updating process?

This is good when one of the Companies whose name is in bandwagon these days finally speak up about the situation it created for its billions of users. The company said “For the best experience, we recommend you use the latest version of IOS available for your phone. We don’t explicitly restrict the use of jailbroken or unlock devices. However, these modifications might affect the functionality of your device; we can’t provide support for devices using a modified version of the iPhone’s operating system.”

Final Words…

Here I would take the side of WhatsApp Company because in the coming month it is going to introduce many advanced features. So, how can we operate those features on the old version of the operating system? It can’t happen and the decision of WhatsApp according to me is correct as it will enhance your experience by providing your new features. You must update your device as soon as possible otherwise wait for the 1st February when you realize your favorite messaging app has gone forever.

I am also suggesting you guys update your smartphone’s OS not only to use WhatsApp but also to keep your phone safe from hackers. WhatsApp also want same and to stop this service is the part of security matter.

Keep update your phones, till then keep reading and get in touch with us.