latest updates of Android Q beta
latest updates of Android Q beta

Google has three themes in mind while developing Android Q, these are Innovation, security & privacy, and digital wellbeing. Android Q is a mix of these three. It has been launched with Android Q APIs and official SDK. It is a testing version of Android Q.  It is available for those who want to adopt the new version earlier and for developers to try the next version of Android.

Now Android Q beta 6 has been released in this month. This is the advanced version of previous released Android Q beta versions. As developers found many negative points in those versions. Android Q beta 6 can be downloaded on any Pixel device ranging from Pixel 3 to Pixel XL. It is possible that some apps will not work on beta 6 till they are not updated with Android Q. You can download it on eligible partner’s devices such as Xiaomi Mi 9, OnePlus7, OnePlus7 pro, LG G8Think Q, OnePlus6, OnePlus6T, OPPO Reno, etc. there are 12 eligible partners. You can also set up Android Emulator to run Android Q beta.

Advanced Updates in Android Q beta that you need to know

Recently Android Q beta 6 has been launched with some interesting features, let’s discuss:

  • It has added support for foldable devices having app continuity so that an app can transit from one screen to another without hampering the user experience. This is important and from now the App will start from the same state and location.
  • Okay, this might be interesting for you as you can resize your app in the split-screen or foldable emulator.
  • Have you heard about the feature called Bubbles? A bubble is the only one available for preview and is a built-in notification system. You are allowed to expand a bubble to see the information or you can collapse them.
  • Gestural navigation is also a feature. The demand for this feature is from many days so finally, you can watch out now.
  • It has dark theme feature for both Android user interface as well as apps which are installed in device. The role of Dark theme reduces power usage, improves user experiences having low vision or those who have issues with bright light.
  • Want to know about the theme? In android Q you can change themes by choosing any one option:
  1.  Light
  2. Dark
  3. System default 

Some exceptional features that you don’t have any idea about

  • This is new for you as Android Q beta 6 shows you the feature of playback capture. Here it means that it can copy the audio played by other apps.
  • It has scoped storage which gives users more control over their files and changes the way by which apps access a file from external storage of the device.
  • It also gives users more control regarding their location privacy. When an app in use (foreground) or app not in use (foreground and background) it asks for device location.
  • It has various Wi-Fi configurations restrictions and fine location permissions.
  • It has also introduced activity recognitions in apps.
  • The Android Q Beta 6 is totally bugs free so you users should not worry about it. The Android Q is suitable for the development, testing and general use.
  • You have the opportunity to publish your applications to the devices running Android Q. The process completely can be done at the official API level.
  • Most of the developer needs some changes regarding the API. So you all can expect some more changes when there is any update again.

Understand other face too about Android Q Beta 6.

  • Above we have explained to you about the features that you should know before using it but still, it is important for you to understand the other face too. The release of this Beta 6 has various stability, battery and performance issue on the supported device.
  • Most of the users need that version that can run for daily use. Unfortunately this release may not be the right choice for your daily use. It is up to you that you want to operate it or not.
  • You can operate this version there is no issue but you need to know that some of the application still not functioning properly even if Android Q Beta 6 running. Even I can mention one app and that is Google application and there were many that don’t work.
  • One more information we get to know about Beta 6 Android Q. This is about the devices which are not approved by Compatibility Test Suite. All they did is just preliminary testing and provide a set of prerelease APIs for the developers.

For more updates get in touch with us. Till then keep reading, keep sharing.