SIRI features of iOS 13
SIRI features of iOS 13

Have you heard about Alexa and its features and in fact Amazon, in their last event shown some exceptional features related to the Alexa I think you all know now. Now the time is to see some changes regarding the Siri which is just like Alexa. Siri is an intelligent assistant that is basically for the Apple iOS users who can command in order to operate their application and device too. The earlier Siri is quite different from now onwards only if you are operating iOS new version 13.

The iOS13 version was launched recently for the Apple operators and the best part is it is getting success everywhere. Well, some minor problem is there related to bug but soon it is going to be solved otherwise the new iOS version is in good form. Today once again I mentioned about the iOS13 because this version brought something unique for the Siri or you can say different features for it. Want to know what those features are? Read out the blog given below and understand till the end so that you can make use of such a feature if it is unknown for you.

-Check out the New and Improved Siri voice in your device

Once again Apple Company has done something extra-ordinary for their users and once again they understand the audience and bring changes related to Siri. Now you people can check in your iOS13 version that Siri voice has improved from now onwards as it improved especially for a longer sentence. Apple has done something as it improves neural TTS system which means less artificial, stitched-together sound and life-like voice when you operate. I guess this is what you users need regarding this digital assistant? Hope you like it.

-Check Siri Shortcuts now in Shortcuts app 

Most of you reading this blog operated the iOS12 version so you all know that the Siri Shortcut you can check on the “Siri and Search” section in the Settings. Now Apple has changed this in iOS13 version as the Siri shortcut you can watch on Shortcut application. Now check it out that both custom and suggested shortcuts are under one place. 

-New Siri suggestion for you, hope it keeps increasing your interest

Okay ask from IOS12 operator and they will say Siri analyzes the way as Apple introduces Siri suggestion when IOS12 version was launched. It analyzes the way you use your mobile phone and also provides useful shortcuts for you. Let me increase more interest in you as IOS13 version present more better Siri Suggestion. Here you can check some options for your favorite apps like Podcasts, Maps, Safari and many more. Also, Siri will enable you users to remind you by creating a reminder on your conversation based. 

-You can add multiple items directly on Reminder lists

Okay, I think this might be unique for you so let’s read out folks. You can add multiple items in your Reminder while using Siri. Your role is dictating every item per inquiry. Like “Hey Siri Add Apple to my shopping list” or “Hey Siri add this this this… now”. There is no such complex process to add item one by one while using Siri. 

Good Guidance in Map you can check it out folks 

This is interesting for you as most of the users operate the map to find the direction. Siri can create more creative or you can say descriptive one with the direction in Map. You will not hear “In 1000 feet, turn right” instead of this you will hear “Turn Left at the next traffic Light”. This upgrade is important because it makes your direction process a simpler one. 

-Siri has controlled over Spotify, see how

I think this one is new for you and such kind of feature you can only operate if IOS13 version is running in your device. Now your favorite music, podcast and audiobook can simply integrate Siri into the mix. Once, they start operating this, you can ask Siri now to play the track that you want to hear on Spotify. Also, you can ask Siri to play other episodes of the viral podcast on Overcast. 


OS13 version is running successfully in Apple smartphones so just want every Apple lover to update your device soon. Not only to watch something new in your device but also has Siri changed the way that you never expected. Above are some features that iOS13 version has bring it on for you related to Siri. Let’s just wait for the reaction of every user whether they like it or not.

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