Update your phone with iOS 13
Update your phone with iOS 13

My best wishes are with Apple for this latest update. They have launched iPhone11 series a few days back with some new updates too and Apple watch. This year you can say that Apple is looking for something which is best for their business so I am sure that today you all are happy to see one more new update introduced by Apple. From today onward you all are allowed to operate iOS 13 version in your respective Apple mobile phones or iPod too. Do you know about the WWDC 2019 conference which was held in June this year? They already inform us about the launch of iOS 13 version and finally today iOS 13 version has been launched. Now there is no such technical problem while downloading the iOS 13 version. Here in this article we are going to share some steps, tips and tricks to download and use it in Apple devices.

Steps to download iOS 13 version

  • If you want to update your iOS then you need to go first in Setting then General>Software update. Then the mobile device role is to check the new updates. Once you see iOS 13 version then it began its process to download and update.
  • Now your next step is to tap on “Download and Install” to begin this process.
  • After this it will start to download. The downloading speed depends on your internet. This is suggested that always use Wi-Fi in place of your mobile data.
  • You will see that download process is completed properly. Then tap on iOS13 version installation on your device.
  • So the last step is to tap on “Agree”. This is important to read and understand properly before tap on “Agree”. Take your time to read the Apple’s terms and conditions.

The above steps are for those users who are looking to operate iOS 13 version from their iPhones and iPod. Now, most of you need to update the version from iTunes. We are going to enlist some steps how to do that. So, just read the steps given below. 

Steps to download iOS 13 version via iTunes.

  • First step is to connect your device with your computer via lightning cable.
  • Next is to open your iTunes and then you will see device icon is appearing near the top-left corner.
  • Click on that icon and next click on Summary from the left panel.
  • Now you gonna see an option of “Check for Update button”. If you are looking for the latest update then click on that button folks.
  • Finally, you need to click on “Download and Update” and then just follow the instruction to complete the process of iOS 13 version.

Most of you are Apple lover and want every new update to work in your device so above we have shared some steps which can guide you related to iOS 13 version. Now let’s understand some hidden feature of iOS 13 version that can help you in the future. 

Hidden features of iOS 13 version that can work according to you.

-Improvement in Messages Search 

I know most of you have a problem with this when they operate their Apple smartphones. Now your problem has been solved after the launch of iOS 13 version. Now it will show you useful recent links, recent contacts and also never take too much time to show search result.

-Low data mode is available now

To save your data another hidden feature is available here. Let me share, where you will find it. Go to Setting first then Mobile Data and then Mobile Data options. Here you will see Low data mode. Just enable it this is helpful for you to reduce your mobile data usage.

-Silence your unknown caller

Mostly it happened with all of us. We just tired with telemarketers calls and spam calls. Now iOS 13 has the solution of this problem. Simply go to setting then phone and from there you can enable silence unknown caller easily.

-Controller support for PS4 and Xbox One

In this feature you can pair your iPhone with PS4 and Xbox one to play games and enhance the excitement level. Kindly note that original Xbox one will not support but Xbox One S and another new ones will support as controller.

-Create new folder

With this hidden feature you are able to create folder in “On my iPhone” or “On my iPad’ local storage drives. Just tap and hold empty space then tap on New Folder.

-Warns you before deleting any subscribed app

I think this version iOS13 can be the perfect choice for you Apple lovers let me tell you how. Suppose you have taken the subscription of any app and now you want to delete it. In that case it will remind you that your subscription is active don’t delete. 

Biggest challenge for iOS 13 version

Here we mentioned only few hidden features which are most demanding. Many more amazing features are still available. These are plus point for iOS 13 due to this it will gain popularity quickly. Everything is positive in iOS 13 however there is one biggest challenge has to face to iOS 13.

Here one thing is important to know about the bug present in iOS 13. Do you think that it can get more downloads? In this security flaw iOS 13 allows its iPhone users to get access even if the users don’t have the right password to open the lock screen. It simply means that anybody can operate your phone. It is ridiculous because there is no such security. Instead of solving this issue Apple announced that on 30th September 2019 they will launch iOS 13.1 version and here they introduce a fix of this issue. Users have to wait for iOS 13.1 version or otherwise start downloading iOS 13 from today.


This year Apple introduced many such new updates and gadgets which are worth to use and interesting too. Apple always wants their user never reject any of their update or new gadget but I still have doubt in my mind regarding this iOS 13 version. I already informed you about its security flaw. Apart from this its hidden features are amazing. So from today iOS 13 version is available in your devices now start downloading.

Kindly let me know if you want to know more about it. In my next article I will include your demand. Till then keep reading. Get in touch with us for more updates.