"Swace"- A new social gaming app

Hi Folks! Yesterday, I was scrolling the videos of Facebook, I came across a video which was like “It is not known whether the inhabitants of other planets use social media or not. But we are quite sure that most people on earth do. But, anyways, brands do not get enough engagement from social media advertising and users also feel exploited by large social networks.” Till here I was like it is talking about social media and it is talking about brands too. It must be an advertising agency, but as the video was very catchy I watched forward, it said, “Swace,” is here to answer the needs which brands face with user engagement, by letting users compete, display brand loyalty and get rewarded for their participation. They have to participate in various challenges which will improve them personally as well as improve brand engagement. And then I came to know that “Swace” is a social gaming app. I got very excited to explore it more and here I will tell you all about the new buzz in town i.e., “Swace”.

What is Swace?

It is a social gaming platform, which brings brands and consumers together on aboard to create user engagement for the brands and reward for the consumers. Rewards are given in the form of swace tokens, which users can use to purchase products of those brands which are on the platform of “Swace”. The app is based on Blockchain technology.

Purpose of Swace Gaming app.

The app aims to bring brands and consumers together. It improve the communication between them. The app motivates the users to have an active and enticing lifestyle, while they engage with the brands and build healthy and happy user-brand relationships. Hence, creating engagement for brands and brand loyalty. By participating in the games, users can also learn socialization. They can participate in team in the games to collaborate with each other. The app aims to promote healthy competition as it is a network centered app. It empowers users to interact and support each other in games.

Process of this game app.

Suppose a brand has to launch an advertising campaign(game). Brand will order it through a special interface which is created for them. Then brand will choose the time slot and the game which suits them. Then interface will calculate the cost of the campaign and it will be charged on the advertising budget of the company.

As the gaming app is based on Blockchain a smart contract is formed, after the campaign is confirmed. Users who want to play the game have to pay the network operation fees in the form of Swace coins. For playing any game, users have to get verified by the moderators (they are also users but with special permission). At the time of registration, the user has to verify him through any of the social media platforms. It promotes transparency and as the gaming platform uses Blockchain, it is one of the features of the same.

At the time of joining users get starting bundle of coins, which they can only use for participating in the challenges. To get encash coins or purchasing something using them you have to participate in a challenge and earn rewards.

Every time when a user wins, he gets swash coins as reward. At a time only one user is declared a winner and gets all the reward coins while sometimes many users who completed the challenge are winners and the reward is distributed among them. Swace coins can be used to purchase goods from the partners. User can also visit the partner’s office and select the product and pay for it in Swace coins. Users can enter into many challenges at once.

Referral policy

Swace rewards its existing users with more reward coins. Eager to know, how? When a user refers Swace to his friends and they join and at least participate in a challenge. The user who referred will be rewarded with coins.

Sounds interesting. Isn’t it?

User interface of the app

Swace comes with a very enticing user interface. You can see in the home screen of the app at the bottom, there will be a star ☆, this is called games list. Here you will see all the current and upcoming games.

Games Indicator – It is represented by a glass with a lid. Here you will get to know about the games in which others are participating.

Engagement scenarios

It offers various sorts of frames through which brands can get their challenges created by the interface. They have a variety of pre-configured frames which has been developed by using Blockchain technology and researching user interests.

I would say that “Swace” has actually caught the pain points of consumers. They believe that by facilitating competition between the users and rewarding them, they will get motivated. I am assuming that they are actually working on the psychology of motivation to do something if you get rewarded for that, to create brand loyalty.

They have created many engagement scenarios like:

1. Location

If a challenge is made on this scenario it can be anything like visiting a number of locations in a specified period of time and clicking a picture there, upload it and get rewarded. This type of game encourages participants to get out of their daily routine and do something creative and explore new locations near their surroundings. It actually makes a positive change associated with a brand name. When people do this sort of activity two or more times, it builds habit. It will create the habit of interacting with brands and creating both engagement and loyalty.

2. Voting

In this type of game participants have to upload a picture and then collect votes. It instills creativity in the participant. User with highest votes will be rewarded.

3. Augmented Reality

This requires user to find 3 D objects added to certain locations using AR, collecting these objects earns them reward. Finding objects using AR technology makes the task entertaining and promotes physical activity and increased attention.

4. Emotions

In this, user have to share some moments with the brand in specified time to get rewarded. It could be a photo or a video, anything which they are asking for.

5. Product testing

In this brand will choose a certain number of people and products will be given to them for testing and then give feedback. On that basis brand decides the winner. For completing the task. Brand gives bonus, extra tokens and honest tester status.

6. Private

In this type of game, the company can create a password to enter the game.

Upcoming features of Swace Game.

Swace is about to bring some additional features like Giphy (as it is very essential for communication), game leaderboard, photo editing, daily tokens, sharing tokens, reporting users, simplified profile sharing, community moderation and a lot more.

Some Technical talk regarding this app.

Now it is time to get on the technicalities of the app. It is a cloud based app. It is built using Blockchain. Main constraint with Blockchain is that if you want your app to be based on this platform, you either you have to create a new Blockchain or use an older one. In making of Swace app they have used Ethereum block chain because it is already built and functioning plus it allows associating with third party applications, already supporting its tokens, offering a variety of integrations. Ethereum is flexible and easy to learn.

The only limitation Ethereum has is its speed and high fees for low value transactions.

App Availability

Though Swace will have a website for the users, but initially it will operate on mobile apps. Beta versions are being tested among a selected group of users. Native apps for android and ios have been developed and after testing they will be available for users.

So this was all about Swace. Hope you all find its interesting. Get in touch with us for more interesting articles.

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