Facebook will launch NEWS tab

Now get ready to get everything on a single platform. I am talking about Facebook, the social media giant. Facebook and its new update! This is what we saw these days as Facebook is in every main heading where they present something exceptional for the users. You can say the Company is looking to gain more number of users so that the Facebook’s popularity always remains on the top. Apart from Libra CryptoCurrency, Facebook announced about the new unique feature of social media Giant. Few months back, Facebook promised to show the “NEWS tab” and finally, they decided to introduce this feature at the end of this month.

Get NEWS while chatting on Facebook!

Now the companies like Google and Apple need to wake up and think that if social media giant Facebook introduces this then will they effect on their companies or not. Of course, competition can be tough between these three because users prefer more social media so they can shift t Facebook now for the news feed. Many situations can happen so we can’t decide right now until Facebook launch this “NEWS tab” feature. Some more reports we have regarding this so read out the blog till the end. 

Apple and Google not only known for launching the gadgets but also they offered exciting features. Now this time social media giant shows the feature of NEWS tab. Now we have to see whether users like it or not. This is all depends on the upcoming feature of NEWS tab. We have some names to whom with Facebook wants to work, those are News Outlets, ABC News, Dow Jones, The Washington Post and Bloomberg.

How Facebook will do this?

We have shared the names to whom Facebook has approached for and one special report we have and we think it’s best to share with you. The social media giant said that they are ready to pay as much as $3 million to license content for its NEWS tab. Such a big amount we guess which simply means that the Company can do anything to win the heart of users as the feature is absolutely amazing because such kind of feature public needs the most.

Chairman and CEO of Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg said, “Later in this week we actually have a big announcement coming up on launching a big initiative around news and journalism where we’re partnering with a lot of folks to build a new product that’s supporting high-quality journalism.”

Who will decide about posting NEWS?

We have a question that what kinds of content or who will post the content on this new NEWS tab of Facebook. We decided to research on this matter and the report said that Algorithms and Human Editors will play their role and their role is to decide that what kind of contents will appear for the users. Social media giant has something special related to this tab as they decided to make a breaking news section separately and there you will see the top 10 stories of the moment. 

This all is just to show the creativity so that it can alert the users related to recent news so go for it. Zuckerberg said, “I think there’s an opportunity within Facebook and our service to build a dedicated surface- a tab within the apps, for example- where people who really want to see high-quality, curated news, not just social content, but from high-quality publishers, could go and consume that content.” 

Sum it up

Happy to see that Facebook is working on a new feature. “NEWS tab” will be a plus point for Facebook to gain users interest because the fact is such kind of feature has priority to show latest NEWS on daily basis to their users. Right now we have a piece of news that at the end of this month, they will launch this feature so just few days are left and we will update  soon if any new information social media giant Facebook shared in the coming days.

Till then get in touch with us for more updates.