PUBG has special announcement for those who play unfairly

PUBG will ban you for 10 years if you caught cheated!

PUBG will ban you for 10 years

Developers introduced the games in your play store not just to fight with your competitors. This is what we are watching these days on one of the most trending game called PUBG. You download the app so did you set a motive just to win the match that’s it? Of course, this kind of mentality is not healthy, you just have to play for fun nothing else. Some of the users operate third party device or some hacking to win the game. Let me share what PUBG said after knowing all such things. PUBG team declared that if players caught cheated then he/she will be banned for at least 10 years.

PUBG has special announcement for those who play unfairly

The news is totally heart-broken for most of the players who start their day with playing this and also ends the day with PUBG. You have to play fairly to win because PUBG start banning cheaters or who play unfair game. Last year they ban temporarily but now they decided to ban for at least 10 years. I have whole content regarding this matter so those whose favorite game is PUBG or who is PUBG addict must readout because it is for you all to know about it. 

I can understand those who just have PUBG game in their smartphones and never look for other mobile games; this can be the heartbroken moment for them. PUBG team is not happy with the players who play unfairly as they cheated many times while playing to get “Winner Winner Chicken Dinner”. PUBG team doesn’t want any player to play unfairly because it can be biased with those who play fair game. In latest press release they said that team will ban players for 10 years for playing this game unfairly.

PUBG lovers, just imagine “Life without PUBG”. You play for at least 4 to 5 hours every day or more than that so how hectic moment it can be for you.

Here we will take the side of PUBG team for sure because they want everyone to play fairly.

PUBG team wants to say something, check it out below

In an interview, the PUBG team said, “The use of unauthorized third-party app or hacks that provide unfair advantage to a player will be condemned with the ban. Players also have the option to report other gamers who are suspected of cheating, using the in-game reporting system that notifies the responsible team, who will ensure that stringent action, is taken. This includes publishing the IDs of confirmed cheaters.” 

This is something the best work done by the PUBG team regarding this gaming concept as we already saw most of the users play unfairly so from now other members can report those gamers.

While reporting those gamers, of course, the PUBG team will ban because such gamers use third-party application which is not allowed to play here. 

Process of banning players is already active in PUBG game

I can understand that most of the users feel this is just a statement because nobody can take strict actions like this. This time you are wrong. PUBG team is serious and yes they already ban 3500 gamers of PUBG last month. Reason is the team finds out they cheated while playing and uses a third-party app that is not allowed. Of course, now these 3500 players are ban for 10 years so no PUBG game for them.

Hats off to the developers of this game who presented such an incredible game that nobody can step aside to play this on their device. You saw the current version of PUBG which has four maps and multiple gameplay modes for players which raises the popularity of the game more.

In fact, in-game purchases are updated when required but that doesn’t mean that you can play unfairly to win against your members. Game update and new features are for everyone but not for those who just want to win unfairly.


Just winning the game is not a big deal but playing fairly and winning the game is a big deal. Ask from those 3500 players who are ban for at least 10 years even they know the terms and conditions of the game but still they played unfairly.  With this article I want to aware you all not to take this action lightly because it will happen and can happen with anybody. No matter how old player you are or if you are a newcomer, if you played unfair then you will be out for at least 10 years.

This is all about the PUBG banning decision. We will update you folks, if any new information we will get regarding PUBG.

For more information and new updates kindly get in touch with us. Till then keep reading and keep playing the game PUBG.