Pros and Cons of IOS 13
Pros and Cons of IOS 13

Forget about the Android now, today we are here to discuss about iOS again. I just want to ask you that did you attend the conference WWDC 2019? Let’s go back, I will remind you the month of June where we got to know about the upcoming launch of IOS version and that is IOS13. I heard something about the IOS version that people liked it because it provides all such advanced features that we expected. Wait it has some cons too, so don’t ignore it.

We already told you that every coin has two faces if you are opting something then you should understand both faces. Doing so never makes you feel regret in your decision in the future. Apple strongly recommends that IOS 13 is something that what you are looking for and it will be the best option on your iPhone and iPad. Earlier, you all were operating the IOS12 because it had some good features but IOS13 is ready to be its competitors as it works faster and more efficient so I don’t think you need to raise any question regarding IOS13. I must say still users have a problem with that so that’s why today I have written this article to guide you about its Pros and Cons so that you can set your decision about the IOS13 Beta version. Let’s start with pros

Pros of IOS13 version

-A new Dark mode feature, have a look

Okay, I think you all heard about the term Dark Mode in social media applications. Now get aware of the Dark mode feature presented by the iOS13 version. Apple iOS brings this feature on your iPhone and iPad as you can see the feature in applications like Messages, Photos, Notes, Mail and many more if you opt new color scheme. Do you want to activate Dark Mode? You can active within iOS Display and Brightness Setting. One of the biggest advantages of this feature is it saves battery.

-Some changes in Map

We all know Google brought some changes in Google Map so Apple also did something similar related to Map in iOS. With the introduction of iOS13, Apple wants to show you some incredible features which allow users to see a street-level view of your destination. You can compare this feature with Google street view and yes you can say it’s a copied feature but don’t judge the Android and iOS. I have mentioned here not to judge just only because there is a difference between Google and Apple about this feature. Apple lets you zoom forward by tapping and long-pressing on the screen.

-You can try New makeup feature

Well, anything which comes without some special features makes you feel awkward to use. Try new makeup feature in iOS13 version and show some creative talent. It is one of the advantages for artists who love all such things. You can share everything from webpages to the documents. There are many such gestures available for copying, pasting and undoing with some special updates with the text section. Even you are allowed to install the custom font. 

Understand the Cons too so that you set your decision whether using the iOS13 version is the right choice or not. 

Cons of iOS 13

Above we have explained some actual advantages and features that you need to know about it but now the time is to get aware of some correct cons you can face while using iOS13. This is also important to know to be prepared for its negativity.

-The installation process is not so simple

First, we will talk about the installation matter which is quite a complex one for the users. You need to install the beta version and for that make sure you already installed a beta profile configuration file on your device. Some of you are Mac lovers so keep in mind, if you want to run iOS13 then make sure your Mac runs at mac OS 10.15 beta or Xcode 11 beta. The next thing you need to download in your device is the IPSW file if you want to run iOS13 which is a massive download. So, in short, the process of operating the iOS version is not so easy folks. 

-There is a performance issue in IOS13 Beta version

The operating system will be launched in September this year but still, you can operate the Beta version of iOS13. No wait, you can, but you need to understand that the developer Beta is a clear one with a buggy and also have some performance issue. This is the common problem if you operate the beta version then simply you have to face this issue. I think just wait for the month of September to operate the OS of iOS13.

-Do you need support? Sorry you wouldn’t get

No need to hide from you but the fact is iOS13 version is still under progress and if you want to operate the Beta version then sorry to say don’t expect any support regarding this. You wouldn’t get support from Apple and even App developers will not help you. Apple expected from users to submit the report and feedback from any issues and even you can share some issues and bugs in this version which Apple needed.


At last, I just want to say that iOS13 is the best version of Apple phones. It offers you many features that help you with operating your phones effectively. After knowing its cons this will enhance its usability. iOS13 surely overwhelms the users through its new and improved User Interface. However, iOS13 has many aesthetic features such as Memoji Stickers and a more realistic-sounding Siri. From the above-listed pros and cons, you can get some idea of whether iOS13 is a good version for you or not. Still, you must try this version to enjoy the new experience.

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