YouTube has a new filter for their youngest viewer

Now YouTube has a new filter for their youngest viewer.

YouTube has a new filter for their youngest viewer

You are sitting alone in your house and need something which keeps you busy. I know smartphones are the one what you are looking I am sure that you have all such applications that are trending these days. Some apps are the best to watch some videos that you love. If you want to learn cooking, want to watch the highlights of cricket match then let me introduce to you the application called ‘YouTube’. YouTube is the one which can pass your time and you never feel bored. Even you are allowed to watch movies or any show that you missed it on television.

Here the role of YouTube is no ending yet. I know it is the best platform for the teenagers but a kid who is studying in just 3rd or 4th class can operate this application? Every parent should introduce their child with the application known as ‘YouTube Kids’ which was developed by YouTube. The application was introduced in 2015 and the best thing is it gets millions of users because most of the parents like this app which keeps their child busy.

‘YouTube Kids’ is an application which has all such things that you looks at YouTube. I have written this article to announce that YouTube kids app will start entering with own website now and also ready to start new filtering content that’s what the heading of this article says. Have a look 

Introducing new filter for YouTube kids

Few days ago the ‘’YouTube kids’ app said in a blog that they are getting their own website and also their team says it’s launching YouTube kids on the web later. Earlier we know that the YouTube Kids app is just for Android and IOS but now it has its own website. I think this process should be the right option for everybody because now every parent can choose content for their kids which one is right or which one is not.

Now I will here highlight the filtering concept as here the team of YouTube will start filtering content in three-different age group-

  • Preschool –ages 4 and under
  • Younger- ages 5-7
  • Older- ages 8-12

The company talks about the filter where they said that as kids start getting older then the filter gives them some independence. Before introducing this filter, YouTube kids already have two ages group and that is Younger- under8 and Older 8-13. Here the parents have the ability to choose Approve Content only. When you use this application called YouTube Kids, you will see an option that is customizable which allow every parent to approve videos and channel and that will be only available when their kids watch. No kid can search for any type of video in this mode.

Advantage of ‘YouTube kids’ over ‘YouTube’ app

1. Parents can block videos here

Kids should not to get attached to any social media application. This is very tough to keep away these apps from children. There are many such contents that they should not watch. Sometimes there can be pornographic content that can be highlighted and even there are many such videos which to avoid. Parents can block such those videos for their kids in YouTube kids app that is not to be shown. You can block by just selecting the three-dot button on a video and then simply tap on Block this video. 

2. No such advertisement here

It is hard to find out any application which is ad free. Every app shows advertisement but this is plus point that your YouTube Kids app will not run any ad. So don’t worry about the advertisement here. 

3. Kids-friendly content here only

I know this might be a question that what content the application will show to your kids. Is it good for your kids or not? Let me tell you that if your kid searches for any speech of any minister, trailer of Hollywood movies, any relationship of Bollywood stars then no such content highlight. Here you will see that content which kids love to see that’s it. 

Nowadays this is very difficult to keep children away from bad things or bad habits. This is also true that children get influenced by TV and mobiles very quickly. How good it is if we show those things to our children which is good for them. ‘YouTube Kids’ allow you to block all those videos or shows which you don’t want to show your children. Use this new filter of ‘YouTube kids’ to control your children’s viewing habits.

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