Alexa is ready to pay your bill
Alexa is ready to pay your bill

Top digital wallet applications these days are Paytm, Google Pay and even you can add PhonePe too. Now we have a special announcement for these big digital wallet companies that get ready to face the competition with your new competitor. This is not an application and even it has not been introduced recently. A new feature has been added in it and it provides the feature for the bill payment using Amazon Pay wallet. Here we are talking about the Alexa device. Can you believe Alexa devices are now ready to pay your bills? This is the biggest announcement of Amazon India that you are allowed to use Alexa smart device to pay your bills from your Amazon Pay mobile wallet.

How Alexa will pay your bills?

India is the first country where Amazon has rolled out this feature between Amazon Pay and Alexa. The feature is a plus point to gain good popularity in the town and of course, it can reduce your efforts and time too. Well, lots of information is ready to share. In this article you can read related to Alexa and its new payment feature. So have a look

It is something exceptional one that what we are looking for but we never expected that Amazon can offer such kind of feature for Alexa. This provides ease to every user as you just have to say “Alexa, pay my mobile bill” or if your electricity bill is due then say “Alexa, pay my electricity bill”.

How good it is when you command a device and it performs like what you need. Many Alexa smart devices can help you in this payment process as it includes all Amazon Echo smart speakers, Echo smart display, The Fire TV Stick and yes all third-party devices which have Alexa Integration. India is the first one for the integration of Alexa and Amazon Pay. 

Can Alexa defeat Paytm or other mobile payment application now? 

Most of you want to know that what kind of bills Alexa can pay so go for the electricity bill, water, cooking gas, broadband and even Direct to Home service. These all bills you can pay while using the Alexa device with just a simple process.

Puneesh Kumar who is the Country Manager for Alexa Experiences and Devices, Amazon India said, “This new integration of Amazon Pay with Alexa will help reduce both time and effort for the customer who uses Amazon Pay for bill payments and repeat similar transactions every month.”

We are sure that this Alexa payment process will rise and can face the competition in a better way. Also, you know the upcoming digital wallet that is WhatsApp Pay is ready to come so we guess it might confuse the users which technique to apply for the payment then.

What more users can ask to Alexa related to bill Payment?

Apart from completing your due, Amazon Pay users can ask Alexa too to retrieve the amount due for the bills they wish to make the payment. For this, Alexa may ask you for the exact information for payment then explain them clearly. Do you think that such kind of transaction is under privacy and no such harm to users? 

Amazon also explained this that users are allowed to use voice Pin on their Alexa application where you can add that additional information later on. The application of Alexa is free on both IOS and Android OS. The Director of Amazon Pay, Mahendra Nerurkar said, “Amazon Pay is committed to the long-term vision of a cashless India and continues to invest in experiences, which reduce customer friction, improve affordability and foster everyday habits, thereby building preference for digital payments.” 

Want to change your Payment information? 

This information, is must to share with you if you are looking to change your Payment information. Try to understand each step if you need this.

  • •          First of all, Go to your Payment Information
  • •          Next, you need to log-in your account with the same account you sign-in for Alexa Pro
  • •          Click on the “Update Payment Information” link then
  • •          Fourth step is to click on the “Change” button
  • •          Write the information which you want to change
  • •          Last, just click on the “Save” button

Final thought

Alexa wants to participant in the race for the best payment option for the users. We believe that Amazon will support the feature more and definitely, it can be tough competition for Paytm, Google Pay and other digital wallet apps. In this blog, we also shared some steps where if you want to change some payment information then you can do this.

We will be back with information, if we got any update. Till then get in touch with us and try to pair your Alexa with Amazon Pay. This will definitely turn your bill payment burden into ease.