Google books with new design
Google books with new design

‘Books are the true form of solace and escape from life’ – do you agree with the statement? I’m sure there are many people who are confined by books, always love reading, exploring, and getting knowledge from new-new books. Books are those precious treasure through which you get to explore a new world. Not only they provide you knowledge but also expand your imagination and world. I have seen many people reading offline as well as online books (from Google). If I talk about the current scenario then you will see most of the people prefer reading online. As the world is becoming more digitized, people are likely to download PDF from Google or read online rather than going out and buying books from store and spending huge penny getting a single book.

I know most of you read from “Google Books” (so do I), which is the best online platform for books lovers or reader.

But, the purpose of my today’s article is to get you introduced with the new design that is added in ‘Google books’ by Google.

Let’s dig into Google Books and learn when it was launched.

Google Books first launched in October 2004 (almost 15 years ago) by Google Inc. Earlier the name of the ‘Google Books’ was ‘Google Book Search’. If you don’t know then let me tell you that the main task of the Google Books is to search the full text of books or magazines that are scanned by Google and convert it into text using Optical Character Recognition (OCR) then stores it in its digital database.

Furthermore, the books we read on Google Books are provided either by publishers/authors or by Google’s library partners through the library projects. Haimin Lee, Product Manager of Google wrote in a blog post- 

“Libraries and publishers around the world helped us chase this goal, and together we’ve created a universal collection where people can discover more than 40 million books in over 400 languages,”

What the new project of Google Books is all about?

Folks, you’ll be amazed to know that Google Books is considered to be one of Google’s most expensive and ambitious projects, with the aim of making every single book available to read in the world. It’s an audacious journey created by Google to bring the world’s books online so that anyone can access to them at any time. However, if the book is out of copyright, or you’re given publisher’s permission then you’ll be able to see a preview of the book and in some cases the entire text. The best about Google Books is that you can also download a PDF or copy of it only if it’s in public domain.

Google Books redesigned with Material Themes. Let’s know about them.

As I have told you that Google has added some new designed or made some changes in its Google Books. Let’s read them below to know about it.

  • Google Books is redesigned with better search integration and ‘Material theme’. This redesign makes each title’s most relevant information easier to access and show details in neat and clean boxes to make them simpler.
  • Now you can search for key phrases within works. An ‘interactive experiment’ allows users to browse the Google Books collection using artwork from Google arts & culture.
  • With the redesign, people are now able to quickly access details such as book’s description, author’s history, reader’s review, and purchasing and borrowing options from a library.
  • You will find bibliography of each book on the page and the citation tool allows you to cite the source in your preferred format, all in one place.
  • The new feature helps you learn about the history of the books and dig into unique stories behind rare books.
  • Now you can search through the vast quantity of books and sort through these books as per your research topic and find a book accordingly.

Closing thoughts!

In this final note I just want to say that it’s been 15 years of the introduction of Google Books and it has preserved a lot of books that helped people with academic & professional achievement and personal discoveries.  This redesigning approach of Google in Google Books will enhance the users experience while reading books online. It has collection of more than 40 million books and it is available in 400 languages.

I must say Google Books is a place where you can go to discover new world which you have yet to explore. Just avail the opportunity of Google Books. Get in touch with us for more interesting articles. Till then keep reading keep sharing.