Artificial Skin

Do you think that new and latest technology introducing by experts, will decrease the value of humans in future? We have many questions like that but not here to discuss the cons of technology with you. We should be happy when any unique tech present by the experts because they are looking to make this generation technological advance and give them comfort. You all are aware of the latest tech that has changed our life. Such technology is not only for your business purpose but also can enable people to operate it at their homes.

This time I am here to reveal you about another technology which can bring revolutionary changes in human’s life. Now humanoid can be more like humans. Let’s go ahead and try to know how?

Humanoid are going to be loaded with ‘Artificial Skin’

After reading headlines it seems interesting. We all know about “Sophia”. It’s a Humanoid. This time my article is on Humanoid which is going to be more powerful and more sensitive too.  Here we are congratulating the team of The “Technical University of Munich” who shows their effort towards their work. Today we can proudly say that we will meet another humanoid soon which has ability to feel like humans. We understand this type of work requires good training and some special skills so we want to wish them best of luck that their project of a humanoid robot will reach access everywhere. 

Most of you have raised this question that what so special this time we gonna watch? This first autonomous humanoid robot developed by the team is with full-body artificial skin. The team did a fantastic job by creating a system that has paired artificial skin with control algorithms. This technology plays a significant role for every robot as it enables them to sensing their own bodies and environment. We need success with this type of technique because if the robot is able to navigate its environment via sensing then we can assume that it will be much helpful around humans. This technique will help humanoid robots to keep away from unwanted contacts and accidents.

Some important facts related to ‘Artificial skin’

  • The skins are made up of hexagonal cells which are about one inch in a diameter.
  • The hexagonal cell has microprocessor and sensors. This is important to include because it enables to detect the contacts, acceleration, proximity and also temperature.
  • Computing capacity is the biggest challenge during the process of artificial skin development because human skin has approx. 5 million receptors which are responsible for sensitivity in skin.
  • According to report the cells that used are not new as it already has made ten-years ago. The cells were developed by Gordon Cheng, a professor of Cognitive system at TUM. 
  • “Robot” is not a unique name so the team who develop this humanoid robot shared the name and that is H-1 Robot.
  • This H-1 Robot includes 1260 cells and also more than 1300 sensors and both are located on the upper body, arms, legs and also soles of the feet.
  • It can be shocking for you but report said that robot can manage to stand on one leg and has the power to hug a human safely. This is a good decision to include both sensors and cells everywhere as it can enable the robot to sense the entire body from upper to lower.

One negative aspect too it has which is important for you to know. It can injured humans when they closely interacted and contacted with them. Gordon Cheng said that “This might not be as important in industrial applications, but in areas such as nursing care, robots must be designed for very close contact with people. Our system is designed to work trouble-free and quickly with all kind of robots. Now we’re working to create smaller skin cells with the potential to be produced in larger numbers.”


Work which can complete by a human, now a special type of robots can do this too. Countries need such kinds of robots like H-1 which is best for them to interact with humans and robots together. The team of this H-1 Robot hopes for a good responses. We just hope that in the coming months, this humanoid robot will reach everywhere and get access whenever required. This is all about Humanoid Artificial Skin.

We will be back with another interesting article till then get in touch with us for more updates.