Google changes the way of photo search

Now Google changes the way of photo search for smartphone users.

Google changes the way of photo search

Unstoppable Search Tech-giant Google is ready to disclose one more change for you all, but this time you gonna see something related to photo search process. I am quite shocked but still, I am surprised to see if we compare Google with the Apple Company, Google is doing more regarding this for its users. This year we saw many such changes related to every concept of a smartphone. This is for all of us that we are able to operate our Android Smartphones easily. And the credit of it goes to Tech-giant.

You can say that Android smartphones are used globally more than any other smartphones. This is the efforts of Google that made it possible to propagate its smartphones worldwide. We are always thrilled to know the changes or updates related to the operating system. So, let’s read out what Google did for the process of Photo searching? They have made some variations to make our process simple and interesting one than before.

Changes are better than before or not                                                              

Let me share what tech-Giant Google did for us. It started rolling out the search text in images form while using Google Lens. We got to know this from the announcement made by Google Photos and Twitter account. They shared this in a blog where they said that they are looking to launch this feature this month only. Once you find the photo after texting in the search box then simply click on the Lens button. Role of the Lens button is just to copy or paste the text. I think this feature is quite different, but an interesting one. You can simply copy the text and after that, you will get to know the actual website of the photograph. So, isn’t it a good feature, what do you say?

What Google share more about this feature?

I think you are interested to know more about this feature. So, keep reading this paragraph- when you operate this feature, it enables you to search for text in Google Photos. You will also get results related to what you search on Google. This feature is not only for Photos but also for small size-text and also for tricky angles highlighted by Google in their post.

Some changes in the new updated of Photo app

We all are waiting for some new updates regarding the Photo App, but now your wait comes to end because Google presented a new update for it. It conveys an update of version 4.2 for Google Photos and this new update includes a short preview of videos in Photo gallery.

Let me explain clearly about it. When you open your Google Photos app then it will start its role by playing a short preview of videos in your own Gallery. Isn’t it a fascinating one? I think it is. Google never creates such kind of features for us. So, I think it should be used once to see whether it’s correct or not. One more thing you need to understand about this feature is that whether it works randomly or not or we can support any specific pattern in preview play or not.

Something good did by David Lieb related to Google Photos

  • Never heard about any person who works in Google or Apple and asking people what to launch. David Lieb did this. He is leading Google Photos and Product. He confirmed to the media to launch some upcoming exceptional features for all of us soon. Earlier, he asked from the users in his Twitter account that what features you want or you are looking for in Google Photos? Or what changes they need in the application regarding the update?
  • He confirmed about photo sharing/storing application changes and new updates. So, keep patience. He has shared many such things for you to understand. Let me reveal- option to manually tag user’s face in Google Photos is “Definitely on the roadmap”. This feature is going to launch soon, but today you can operate option to untag a picture which according to you wrongly tagged in the app.
  • David Lieb also shared that some users asked him about the feature- ability to delete pictures from the album on Android. The work is on and soon it will be launched in your smartphones. Android users know about it that currently this feature is not available but soon it will be.

Final words

In the final note, I Just want to say that never underestimate Google. Google has the solution of every problem. We always seen such features in IOS and wanted in our Android smartphone. Now we can use this smart feature as Google did it. I think the upcoming new designs will add-up some action button to create more interest among users. So, thank you Google for introducing with us one more new finest feature that we needed the most.  I hope, in the future, we will get to see more new features in our smartphones.

Get in touch with us for more updates. Till then keep reading, keep sharing.