Grammar & Spelling Check in Gmail

Now Gmail is more reliable with Grammar and spelling feature.

mail is more reliable with Grammar and spelling feature

Many of you who are reading this article I know you are fast in writing on smartphones and PC. Today’s generation can write a paragraph faster than their parents as they are too involved in technology and always operate it. Sometimes you all make spelling mistakes while writing a paragraph. It is also a fact that most of you think you have written correctly which is not true. This can be a major problem for people who use Gmail for sending messages to their customers or any other important authority. I have a solution for those who operate the Gmail account because this problem is mostly for Gmail users. In this article I am going to tell you about the solution. For this you must have to get aware with new updates of Google.

Let’s know some of the new Features which Google has introduced in Gmail.

Let me share a feature called ‘Autocorrect’ introduced by Google for regular Gmail operators. The feature is beginning to roll out for G Suits users too. Again, one more advanced feature introduced by Google I think this year is best for Google that it is getting more and more popularity because of its strategies toward users. The feature called Autocorrect is for G Suits account users and will be ‘On’ by default. I will share some more details regarding this feature and I hope you will start operating it soon.

The procedure to use ‘Autocorrect’ features

Here in this paragraph, we will learn to activate the autocorrect feature because there are many users who are reading this are not so perfect to write something without any mistake. The activation process depends on you (admin) that how you configure your account. Before doing anything you need to activate the Domain first. The feature will take up 15 days for activation in your Gmail account. Suppose, your domain is of “Schedules Release” then no worry all the active features are already available. Even if you want to check this feature you on Gadget 360 Gmail account.

Some Innovative features of Autocorrect

Google said in a blog that users will love to operate the Autocorrect with some advanced features. Here is the list of features given below:

First, let me tell you that the ‘Autocorrect’ feature relies on ‘Artificial Intelligence’. It is important because it enables the users to understand the spellings and grammatical mistakes. Also, Gmail will now correct you and give you suggestion so this is the plus point of introducing the ‘Autocorrect’ feature.

Autocorrect is ‘On’ by default but you can also disable it if you want to. You can disable it from Gmail settings.

Most of you have a question in mind that is it difficult to find out the mistake of spelling? The feature Autocorrect has a solution for you as the mistakes will now be highlighted by ‘squiggly blue line’ and ‘squiggly red lines’ which is easy for you to watch. The choice is yours whether you want to agree with the suggestion or move on.

Another feature is, users will no longer need to click on the ‘Check-spelling’ icon in the compose window. You will be shown contextual grammar suggestions in draft mails.

Google also adds the ‘as-you-type-auto correction’ feature for common spelling mistakes.

So now think do you need auto-correction? You all can get because spellings are automatically fixed when you type any word. Although the feature is only for the English language, hopefully this feature will launch soon for other languages.

Do you know about Dynamic feature which was introduced earlier?

In the month of July Google launched ‘Dynamic feature’ for the Gmail operators. It was just to create engaging content which always works in a positive way in Gmail. For this, Google supported Accelerated Mobile Pages to Gmail. Before launching the feature, it was available in Beat at that time. It was a good decision by Google to launch such a feature because Dynamic feature allows companies for adding content interactive emails.

It enables every user to perform an action like RSVP for events, for filling out simple forms and many such things. After launching this feature it helped Google dos because now no need to go to separate email to readout the comment post, all you have to do is just check out on Gmail now.


Unstoppable updates and changes we are watching out just because of Google and now a new feature introduced for Gmail. Good decision by Google and I am sure that users will definitely like this feature as no one wants to send an email with some spelling mistakes. I also highlighted the previous changes in Gmail and some more updates regarding different news to get you all aware of such information.

So, folks try to avail such new features introduced by Google and get an amazing experience. Till then get in touch with us for more updates.